12 tipů na vánoční dárky pro milovníky fitness a zdravého životního stylu

12 Christmas Gift Tips for Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiasts

Christmas is knocking on the door, and you, like every other year, are worried about how to make your partner, sibling, parents, friends, and other loved ones happy? Here are 12 fitness gift tips for you. What’s more, others can also find the inspiration they need. Comfortable sportswear can be perfect for walks or shopping. Or a fitness watch? In addition to showing the time, it can help with tracking steps or monitoring sleep. Let’s get right to it!

1. Fitness accessories

When someone tells you that they like going to the gym, you probably immediately imagine a person holding dumbbells. However, this idea is a little boring. A fitness person usually uses a much wider range of fitness equipment. If this person has also started with their home workout routine, you have many options  to surprise them at Christmas.

Accessories for home workouts

  • Jump Rope – an ageless classic that young children use too. It is a great cardio tool for all ages. It will help improve your physique and also burn a lot of calories. No wonder, then, that even boxers and cross-fitters use it in their training. The advantage of high-tech fitness accessories is their smart functions. For example, the SMART jump rope measures time and number of jumps. This can simplify workout routine for many athletes.
  • Resistance Bands and Expanders– every workout can be made more challenging, and resistance bands can help you with that. If this is the case, we recommend buying a set of resistance bands, so one can determine the necessary resistance level for various exercises, and make their workout a challenge every time.
  • Fitballs and Balance Pads – this category will please not only fitness professionals, but also people who sit at work or home office all day. Fit ball is a great tool for rehabilitation exercises. If your back hurts, you can try to sit on the fit ball for at least a part of the day. The back muscles will have to work harder, and this will gradually add strength to the muscles, which will also reduce pain.
  • Exercise Mat – almost no home workout is possible without an exercise mat. It is also ideal for home cardio, as this workout incorporates a lot of jumping. The exercise mat reduces impact on your joints and provides safe landing, thus protecting your joints and neighbours from the noise.
  • Weights – fitness accessories that give each workout a completely different dimension. For example, running with a weight vest or ankle weights presents a new challenge for athletes. Training with kettlebells or an Olympic bar with weights is also effective. Equipping your gym at home with the right equipment can be this easy.
  • Suspension Training Set – it doesn’t matter if you choose to exercise indoors or outdoors. The suspension training system can be used anywhere. Maybe that’s why TRX Training was born in the Navy Seals.
  • Workout Bars – this makes it possible to exercise at home as well as at a workout park. The workout bar can be attached to the door flame, so it won’t take up too much space. In some cases, there is even no need to drill. Whenever you move around your apartment, you can do a few pull-ups. To spice up your push-ups, gymnastic elements and workouts, you can use push-up adapters.
  • Yoga and Pilates  – countless types of equipment can be used for this type of exercise. For example, a yoga mat or resistance bands are perfect gifts.
  • Ab Wheel – a must-have for every fitness enthusiast who truly wants a six-pack. In turn, core sliders will also help strengthen the core of the body.
  • Massage Roller – a great tool to improve your mobility, muscle range and relax your tight muscles. Plus, it helps speed up muscle recovery.
  • Other Home Workout Accessories – for example, the agility ladder will please football players and athletes who want to improve their speed, accuracy and explosiveness. Or, the durable battle rope will be just perfect for all crossfitters and other athletes to burn those calories and target the upper body.
  • Massage Gun – you should always have a good dose of rest and targeted regeneration after your workout. Massage guns with interchangeable heads and massage intensity will help with relaxing and massaging the muscles. This gift will also please non-athletes who need to relax their stiff back or just want to enjoy a pleasant massage.
Accessories for home workouts

Accessories for gym workouts

  • Fitness Belt – an essential part of  every weightlifter’s equipment. It strengthens the core of the body, stabilizes it when lifting heavy weights, and thus reduces the risk of injury.
  • Gloves – must-have for any athlete who wants to prevent calluses from dumbbells.
  • Lifting Straps and Grips – fitness accessories that make lifting heavy weights easier. They are ideal, for example, for deadlifts.
  • Knee, Ankle, Elbow & Wrist Wraps – a great aid which helps stabilize ankles, knees, elbows, or wrists. If a person is prone to injuries, wraps are a great gift.
  • Towel  – this is perhaps one of the workout essentials in a gym. No one wants to lie down or sit on a machine that someone else has previously covered in sweat.
  • Other Accessories – when exercising with weights or a workout bar, athletes will also make use of liquid magnesium or classic chalk, which prevents slippage and improves grip. Strength athletes will be also happy to get a hand grip trainer or bicep isolator. Runners will appreciate an arm phone holder to store keys or other small items besides the phone.
Gym workout accessories

You might be interested in these products:

2. Water bottle or a shaker

Drinking water is crucial, and not only during sport. You won’t find a person in the gym who doesn’t drink some fluids during exercise. The same applies to outdoor training. The drinking regimen should consist of water, but having a glass in front of you at all times is a bit boring, isn’t it? You can liven things up by getting a stylish mini barrel for water with 1.89L volume. By drinking it, about a fifty kilogram female will fulfil her daily intake of water. However, you can also get a smaller bottle as a gift. It would fit in a purse or backpack perfectly. For longer trips, get a 1.8 litre bottle, for example Nomad by Strix, which is a great companion for hiking, cycling or camping.

The next alternative is a shaker, that can be used for water or mixing up a post-workout protein shake and other powdered supplements. Thanks to being leak-proof, it can also be used to carry snacks such as porridge or yogurt. What’s more, the Steel and STRIX stainless-steel shakers will offer durability, functionality and easy use. These shakers don’t hold odours, and boast a stylish design.

For tea and coffee lovers, it’s easy. The choice falls on a mug for them to regularly enjoy their favourite beverage. As a bonus, they will always remember the person who gave it to them.

Water bottle or shaker as a Christmas gift

3. Nutritional supplements

The time when protein was mistaken for a steroid by the older generation may have worn off a long time ago, and so even your parents may be pleased to get some protein powder. It will help them replenish proteins that contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass, which is needed at any age. Nutritional supplements can also help in other areas:

  • Better digestion probiotics containing living microorganisms take care of the healthy functioning of the digestive system. However, enzymes that promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients are also a good choice.
  • Promotes immunity – a great choice are well-absorbed multivitamins such as the Vitality complex. Vitamin C is also popular, D, B6, B12 and supplements containing selenium, iron or zinc that contribute to the proper function of the immune system.
  • Better sleep – those who struggle with the quality of sleep, its length, or have trouble falling asleep will be pleased with GABA (an amino acid associated with the effect on sleep), adaptogen ashwagandha, tryptophan or the complex Pink Calm product. It consists of a blend of plant extracts and selected vitamins to calm the body and mind.
  • For healthier hair, nails and skin – every woman’s beauty kit should be based on collagen (for example, first class marine collagen), coenzyme Q10 or hyaluronic acid. Adequate intake of zinc or selenium is equally important.
  • For muscle growth – in addition to protein, so-called natural steroid substitutions can help with muscle growth. These often contain testo boosters and plant extracts such as fenugreek, and studies show that it has a possible positive effect on testosterone levels.
  • For endurance athletes – runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes will particularly appreciate enough energy throughout the performance of activities. For example, an energy gel or carbohydrate mixtures can help with this. Important substances that are lost in sweat are then replenished with, say, electrolyte tablets or ion supply drinks
  • Joint Support – supplements to support the joints and musculoskeletal system are ideal for older people and athletes who put more strain on them. A great gift will be complex joint nutrition with several active ingredients, shark cartilage or collagen supplements.
  • Concentration – nootropics, such as DMAE, or the stimulant caffeine, can help with better concentration at work, during study and other activities.

Moreover, you can create a gift pack full of food supplements to suit everyone you wish to give a gift to. For men whose heart beats for fitness, you certainly cannot go wrong with a combination of protein, creatine, multivitamin a magnesium. Ladies can then appreciate supplements that provide vitamins and minerals, and also promote the health and beauty of their skin, hair or nails. How about getting a package containing Yum Yum protein, collagen and multivitamins, the formula of which is adapted to women’s needs?

Nutritional supplements as a Christmas gift

4. Food and snacks

Is there a person who doesn’t like food? If you want to find a gift for someone who loves sweets, you’ll make them happy with a protein bar, an instant mix for making sweet and salty goodies, protein spreads or nut butter. The next gift you can choose is the various types of flours. You’ll be amazed what desserts your grandmother can conjure using these in the kitchen. Moreover, you will find a gift even for people who are trying to lose weight. For example, buy them some low calorie sauces or dips.

We have a solution, even if your loved ones love savoury foods. You can make them happy with some high quality beef jerky or protein chips, that they’ll be crunching at, say, a football game or a thrilling romantic comedy. Throw in functional drinks to their package, and you’ll get the perfect refreshment.

Fitness food as a Christmas gift

5. Food bag or clothes

Again, a gift that will please anyone. A sports bag is suitable not only for training, but also for a weekend away or holiday. A person can use a backpack for a trip, to university, or for work.

For people who love preparing food in lunch boxes, a food bag is a perfect gift. It is usually designed so that lunch boxes of different shapes and size can fit into it. It can easily fit food and drinks for a full day at work or school. A great choice is a large bag, that already includes six lunch boxes and hot/cold gel pads. It is perfect for all-day meal prep, which helps keep your calorie intake under control.

A food bag or clothes as a Christmas present
Sports clothing as a Christmas gift

6. Sports clothes

What do sporty girls usually have more of – prom dresses or leggings? Yes, the latter option is correct. That doesn’t mean that wouldn’t like to get some more sportswear. You can never have enough workout clothes. Moreover, a new piece for the sports wardrobe often means a new taste and motivation to go work out.

The perfect gifts include a sports bra, a perfectly fitting top or elastic shorts that are most comfortable and so are best suited for training and leisure.

And men are the same. Even they want to look and feel good when exercising. It’s the stylish clothing that can help them do that. Whether you choose a T-shirt, hoodie, or shorts, you will see that they will be delighted.

Our heart belongs to pieces from the STRIX collection, which offers premium clothing for sports and leisure. You can please your loved ones with comfortable sweats, nice T-shirts or sports sets that will be the envy of everyone at the gym.

Furthermore, our waterproof Stormbreaker jacket is designed for trips, as it will keep you safe and warm even during the biggest downpours.

7. Diagnostic tests

Do you have an experimenter amongst your nearest and dearest who would like to learn new information about their body? Then they will certainly be pleased with diagnostic tests, which are no longer just a biohacker privilege. These tests are also beneficial for people who have a problem with the digestion of certain foods and want to discover a possible cause before a medical examination.

In the comfort of your own home, it is even possible to find out with high accuracy whether a person has a gluten intolerance, lack of iron or other vitamins and minerals, or for what sport they are genetically preconditioned. If they use this potential, they can improve on their new skills or achieve optimal health thanks to your gift.

8. Fitness watch or tracker

Fitness watches and trackers are already classics that are adorning the wrists of more and more people. And no wonder, their functions make them useful in many ways. Athletes will appreciate a daily review of calories burned, the opportunity to monitor their heartbeat, plan a route or measure the length of a run or bike ride. The non-sporting part of the population can then focus on the number of steps taken or monitor the quality of their sleep in addition to time.

9. Books, Cookbooks, Diaries

If your loved one is passionate readers, a book can be a great choice. You have many genres to choose from. Athletes will certainly enjoy books that focus on sleep, athletic performance, or nutrition. Not only women will be delighted by a cookbook, which they can use to cook healthier versions of their favourite dishes or bake a fitness dessert. An alternative to a book could be, for example, a paid subscription for a fitness app.

For people who love planning, the perfect gift is a diary for the coming year or a nice notebook in which they can write motivational quotes, plans, or future training sessions.

Christmas gifts - books, cookbooks, diaries

10. Headphones

Strength training, running, taking the bus, relaxing, and even cleaning is far more enjoyable when you have music or your favourite podcast for company. High-quality headphones with a good sound are a great gift, which would please not only fitness fans. There are many design options available – you can choose between different sizes or even ways to connect. For athletes, however, we recommend opting primarily for the wireless headphones. No one wants the connector to be torn off while lifting weight and stop playing their favourite motivational song.

11. Gift bundles

We decided to make your choice of the ideal products a little easier and prepared a few gift packs, that in our experience could please different types of people.

  • BeastPink Girl Pack is intended for all the ladies who work on themselves and want to have a healthy hair, nails and skin. The package contains delicious protein powder, collagen, a shaker and protein cookies.
  • Alpha Male Pack is designed for all alpha males who want to excel amongst other males. The pack therefore includes a testosterone booster, a complex for promoting overall health and vitality, protein powder and a shaker.
  • Vegan For Life Pack will be loved by all fans of plant-based food. In addition to the designer bottle and ginger shots, it also contains a multivitamin supplement, protein bars and, of course, vegan protein to replenish proteins.
  • Joints & Vitality Support Pack will help support proper function of the joints and the whole musculoskeletal system. The package contains joint nutrition supplement, vitamins, minerals and important omega-3 fatty acids. Perfect for grandparents and athletes who put heavy load on their joints.
  • Nuts & Fruits Bomb Pack is full of fruit and nuts for all lovers of healthy snacking and porridge bowls.
  • Guilty Pleasure Pack includes protein goodies such as biscuits, chocolate and protein chips. Ideal for snacking without regrets.
  • Weightloss Pack will help anyone who is trying to lose weight. The package includes a jump rope, fat burners, as well as a protein powder and shaker for protein supplementation.
  • Hustle For That Muscle Pack is intended especially for men who want to gain muscle. Contains protein and a shaker for protein supplementation, testo booster and magnesium with high absorption rate.
  • X-mas Cooking Pack is designed for everyone who like to bake healthy treats. The package contains low-calorie sweeteners, egg whites, walnuts, flour and lyophilized strawberries.
Tips for Christmas Gifts

12. Gift Voucher

Not sure which of these things your loved ones would appreciate most? Feel free to give them a gift voucher. This way, one can choose for oneself what one truly wishes.

If you don’t know exactly what to buy for loved ones yet, try to start sneakily asking them questions that will tell you some guidance. If you want to share these super gift tips with your friends, send them our article.