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Weight Gainers and Carbohydrates

Weight Gainers and Carbohydrates

Weight Gainers and Carbohydrates are carbohydrate products that help to get the right body weight for athletes, but also for ordinary people. Gainer supplements the daily intake of carbohydrates and gives the body the necessary dose of protein. The main task of gainers is to supply the muscles with glycogen stocks, which are designed to support the performance and endurance of the stressed organism. For active athletes, gainer is particularly popular because of its balanced nutritional value that can replace one meal a day. However, in addition to increased energy, gaining strength and improving performance is another advantage, which effectively promotes muscle mass growth.

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Carbohydrates are divided into two types - slow carbohydrates and fast carbohydrates. Slow carbohydrates are carbohydrate additions and supplements that complement glycogen reserves in muscles. Although they are absorbed more slowly, they can provide energy efficiently and thus promote muscle growth. These include, for example, maltodextrin or xylite. On the other hand, fast carbohydrates are carbohydrate supplements and supplements that are absorbed quickly. They are especially popular with active athletes who have difficulty to gain muscle mass. Fast carbohydrates include, for example, dextrose.


How to choose gainer correctly 

When choosing a gainer, you need to consider your body weight and how much muscle growth you want to achieve. It is best to use gainers after training, as a snack or box lunch, but you should never take it in the evening or at bedtime. The advantage is that you can combine it with creatine, protein, pre-workout supplements, amino acids or joint nutrition. However, do not combine it with a fat burner. Gainer is, as already mentioned, a nutritional supplement that serves to increase muscle mass and total body weight. 


When choosing a gainer, it is important to consider how you want to achieve total daily calorie intake. If you need to add more protein, choose a gainer with less carbohydrate content. Conversely, if you're having troubles with gaining weight, choose a gainer with a lower protein content.


Effects of gainers:

  • supporting the building of power
  • offering sufficient energy intake to increase muscle tissue
  • actively replenishing muscle glycogen reserves
  • helping to regenerate after a hard workout
  • reducing the formation of adipose tissue


Choosing a gainer based on protein proportion 

Gainers up to 10% are gainers containing up to 10% protein. In addition to protein, you will also find large amounts of carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. They greatly complement the glycogen reserves that have been pumped out of the muscles in a strenuous exercise. This type of gainer is especially recommended for athletes who want to achieve weight gain.

Gainers from 11 to 30% contain proteins ranging from 11 to 30%. The remaining contents are minerals, vitamins, complex and simple carbohydrates. Gainer with this protein fraction is suitable for people who have no weight gain but at the same time do not have such a rapid metabolism. Your body gets a regular supply of sugar. In addition, simple carbohydrates will give you energy right away and the complexity will gradually be released.

Gainery from 31 to 40% - with this high protein content are considered to be the highest quality gainers. In addition to the high protein content, they are also composed of amino acids, creatine, vitamins and minerals. These gainers are designed for athletes who are gaining muscle mass but do not want to increase their body weight.   


What you shouldn't forget when buying a gainer:  

Cholesterol content

There are gainers on the market that contain more than 180 mg of cholesterol per serving. But it is too much. Generally, in a single portion, the gainer should contain only up to 100 mg of cholesterol.


Saturated fats content

Here too, the rule is that if the gainer contains a lot of saturated fat, it is a poor quality product. One portion should contain about 5 to 10 mg of saturated fat. Thus, if one portion of gainer contains 20 grams of fat and 5 grams of it is saturated, it is a quality gainer. However, if it contains 20 grams of fat and 17 of which are fat, this indicates a cheap product that will not give you the expected effects.


Protein content

As a rule, all quality gainers are made from whey protein and have about 40-60 grams of protein per serving. However, if you care about quality, you should also look closely at their processing technology. However, you should also consider the protein to carbohydrate ratio. For effective weight gain, the best ratio is 1: 2, so you should take 2 grams of carbohydrates per gram of protein. If your protein content is too high, you may get calories even from it.  


Protein can be classified according to processing quality:  

Whey and milk protein classified according to processing quality:

  • Native whey isolate - a good source of protein
  • CFM (microfiltration), microfiltered or ultrafiltered whey protein, milk isolate or concentrate. It is a standard source of protein.
  • Whey concentrate, ion exchange, whey powder, milk powder - cheap source of protein 

Classification by casein quality:

  • Micellar casein - a quality resource
  • Calcium caseinate, sodium caseinate - a cheap (chemically denatured) source

Classification by quality of egg protein:

  • Egg protein isolate - a good source
  • Dried egg white - a cheap source because of its high sodium content

Classification by quality of plant protein:

  • Protein isolate from peas, protein isolate from soy - a high-quality and full-fledged source
  • Soybean concentrate - a cheap source with the risk of mould called aflatoxin 


Sugar content

Sometimes it happens that gainers contain too much sugar (sometimes more than 70 grams), which can result in unwanted weight gain. The market's best gainers have a sugar content of approximately 30 grams or less. However, it is also important what kinds of sugars they are. Quality sugars include, for example, maltodextrin, palatinose, or dextrose.


Lactose content

Another factor you should not overlook when choosing a gainer should be the content of digestible lactose. If you are looking for the highest quality, we recommend a lactose content of up to 5%. The lactose content should always be indicated on the product. If not, check the content of simple sugars that should tell you about the amount of lactose. However, if you do not find this figure in the nutritional table, it may be a poor quality product and we do not recommend using it.


Taste, price and quality

Last but not least, you should also consider these factors when purchasing a gainer. It is important that the gainer tastes you as you will eat it several times a day. Therefore, you should read the product reviews. As far as price and quality are concerned, you should focus on the golden mean. Keep in mind that investing in nutritional supplements is also an investment in your body, so be careful when choosing it.

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  9. Gainer 737 3000 g - Megabol
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  10. FueGain - GymBeam
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  11. Dextrose 1000 g - GymBeam
    100% (19)
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  12. Gainer Mutant Mass - PVL
    81% (216)
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  13. Gainer True Gain - GymBeam
    100% (11)
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  14. ABE Ultimate Pre-Workout Gel - Applied Nutrition
    100% (1)
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  15. Carbo - OstroVit
    0% (0)
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  16. Weight Gainer Crash 5000 - Mammut Nutrition
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  17. Pure Oats - Bodylab24
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  18. Maltodextrin - Bodylab24
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  19. Weight Gainer - Bodylab24
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  20. Cluster Bomb - Redcon1
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  21. BeastPink Girl Pack - BeastPink
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  22. Critical Mass - Applied Nutrition
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  24. Total Mass Matrix - The Protein Works
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  25. Run&Bike Endurance Gel - ActivLab
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  26. Endurosnack Gel - Nutrend
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  27. Carbosnack With Caffeine Sachet 50 g - Nutrend
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  28. Carbosnack Sachet 50 g - Nutrend
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