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Exercise Puzzle Mat is a practical fitness accessory that serves to protect the floor and at the same time, offers a comfortable space for exercise. Thanks to the strong and durable material, it perfectly dampens the noise of dropped weights, which you will especially appreciate during home workout. The package contains 18 puzzle pieces which you can use to build a comfortable exercise area in the size and shape you need.

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Exercise Puzzle Mat - build a comfortable and durable space for exercise and training according to your desire

Exercise Puzzle Mat is a practical fitness aid that effectively protects the floor from scratches, and dampens the noise of dropped weights, which you will especially appreciate during home workouts. There are 18 "puzzle" pieces in one package which you can use to quickly and easily build the exercise area in the size and shape you need. When exercising on the Puzzle Mat, you will definitely appreciate its pleasant, but at the same time strong and durable material. Thanks to its practical size, the Puzzle Mat is easy to store. The size of one piece of the Puzzle Mat is 30 x 30 x 1.2 cm.


Exercise Puzzle Mat & its benefits

  • practical fitness tool
  • designed for training at home and in the gym
  • protects the floor against damage from dumbbells and other tools
  • shock absorbing
  • easy to fold
  • pleasant to the touch
  • ideal for dumbbells or bodyweight workouts
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