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HMB is a designation for beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, but despite its too chemical name, it has a natural origin, and is formed in muscle cells as a product of the Leucine amino acid breakdown. Increased intake of HMB alleviates muscle cell membrane damage and thus counteracts the catabolic hormone cortisol, thereby increasing anabolism. Its main function is to improve the regeneration and increase the usability of the accepted protein for muscle building. In addition, HMB has a number of positive effects, such as maintaining nitrogen balance, protecting and regenerating muscle mass, promoting muscle and strength growth, reducing body fat, reducing physical breakdown of muscle mass, and even helping the body to adapt to increased physical stress.

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Effects of HMB:

  • stimulates muscle growth and strength
  • helps the body to adapt to increased physical stress
  • protects muscle mass from devastation and breakdown of muscle mass
  • accelerates muscle regeneration and recovery,
  • supports the maintenance of positive nitrogen balance
  • stimulates the body's defenses in stress conditions
  • reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat. 
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