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Massage Gun VI Black is an innovative regeneration tool for athletes with a wide range. Thanks to its advanced technology and easy use, it can help reduce muscle stiffness and tension, improve blood flow in the massaged muscles, and thus make the overall regeneration or rehabilitation even more effective.

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Massage Gun VI Black - A revolutionary tool for athletes to speed up regeneration and relieve muscle stiffness


Massage Gun VI Black is a revolutionary tool for athletes, masseurs, and physiotherapists to speed up regeneration and make it more effective. Thanks to its powerful motor, it can develop a speed of up to 3,200 rpm, which will help you relieve muscle stiffness, tension, and improve blood flow in the massaged area. This will ensure a more efficient "metabolic cleanse" in the form of removing various waste products of energy metabolism and an increased supply of oxygen and other nutrients necessary for fast and efficient regeneration of muscle tissues. In many cases, its high performance also enables the activation of "Trigger Points", 2-6 mm large palpable nodules, which are  painful, and their activation can in many cases significantly relieve pain, stiffness, and muscle tension. It will also serve well for fascia massage.


Massage Gun VI Black is equipped with a touch LCD display and 30 levels of intensity. Its light weight (1,200 grams) and anti-slip handle ensure that it is easy to hold, so you can give yourself a great massage. A stylish case bag contains 6 interchangeable attachment heads, thanks to which you can massage your muscles in various intensities. The package also includes a charger for a battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh, which lasts 4-6 hours of wireless use. You will especially appreciate this after demanding hike or bike ride in nature, or after a difficult workout session.


Massage Gun VI Black - GymBeam



Massage Gun VI Black & its benefits


  • massage gun with 30 levels of intensity and 3,200 rpm speed
  • wireless battery with a life of 4-6 hours
  • equipped with a touch LCD display
  • has a light weight - 1,200 grams and an ergonomic shape
  • one package contains 6 interchangeable attachment heads
  • comes in a stylish case bag
  • relieves muscle stiffness and tension
  • can improve blood circulation in the massaged area and relieve pain
  • innovative regeneration tool for athletes



Technical Specifications  
Benefits LCD touch display
Battery rechargeable, 16.8V Li-Ion 2500mAh
Battery Life 4-6 hrs. (depending on the selected speed)
Charging Time 2 hrs.
Speed Levels 30 adjustable speed settings
Massage Heads 6 interchangeable massage gun attachments
Frequency 3200 rpm
Amplitude 10 mm
Noise Level up to 45db
Weight 1,2 kg


How to use the massage gun?


  • Before using the product for the first time, you should fully charge the battery, which takes up to 6 hours. Simply plug the charger into a standard electrical outlet and then plug the connector into the battery's charging port on the bottom of the massage gun handle, where you can also turn the product on and off.
  • After following the previous instructions, the LED strip on the handle will start flashing green, which indicates that the battery is being charged. As soon as the LED strip stops flashing and stays green, the battery is fully charged.
  • The battery can be recharged at any time and at any battery level (if it is not already fully charged). 
  • The average battery life is approximately 4-6 hours depending on the selected speed of the massage program and the applied massage pressure during use.
  • Disconnect the charger from the electrical outlet after each charge. 
  • To pull the battery out, press the plastic button located in the axis of the handle (battery) and the cooling ventilation ports of the pistol, and then pull out the battery handle with caution and moderate force. Connect the battery handle to the massage gun by simply sliding the handle back in the same orientation with the gun as when you pulled the handle out.



  • Choose your preferred massage head and press it in. Make sure the massage head is placed correctly.
  • At the bottom of the handle, you will find a switch for "ON" and "OFF" status, which you need to switch to the "ON" position. 
  • When the device is switched on, the LED strip on the handle will light up green and the LCD display on the device will turn on. 
  • To start the massage gun, press the middle red button on the LCD display.
  • Use the + and - buttons on the LCD display to select the desired intensity (speed) within 1-30 speed levels.
  • In the right part of the display, use the numerical scale up to 100 to find out the battery level, where 100 indicates a fully charged battery.
  • Use the massage gun only on dry areas of the body within the required pressure and intensity. Massage the desired area for about 60 seconds and then move smoothly to the next part of the body.
  • Once you want to stop and finish your massage, press the middle red button on the LCD display again.
  • At the bottom of the handle, you will find a switch for "ON" and "OFF" status, switch it to the "OFF" position, and it will turn off the product completely.
  • Then gently pull the massage head out.
  • After using the massage gun, wipe the surface of the device and the used massage head with a slightly damp towel, and dry with a soft cloth. 


Massage head user manual:

  • Fork Massage Head: Typically used to relax and massage the long and narrow muscles that are, for example, in the area of the spine - spinal muscles. Careful and slow massage of the neck area, Achilles tendon, or shin is also possible.
  • Bullet Massage Head: The rounded head helps with a more intense and deeper muscle massage. The massage head is suitable for massaging and activating Trigger Points.
  • Round Massage Head: This is the most versatile massage attachment for wide use on large muscle groups and their medium-intensity massage. You will appreciate it, for example, when massaging the back, shoulders, arms, hips, buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings, or calves.
  • Flat Massage Head: It is suitable for massaging the whole body, especially in areas with flat muscles and around sensitive and bony areas. It is suitable for massaging the back muscles or forearms.
  • Golden Finger Massage Head: You can use it as a gentler alternative to the bullet massage head to activate and release Trigger Points, which can relieve their stiffness, pain, and tension. This massage head is also used especially for massaging soft tissues and smaller parts of the body replicating movements of palms or soles.
  • Adze Massage Head: Thanks to the smaller impact area of the massage head, it reaches even hard-to-reach places, and it effectively massages, for example, the area of the cervical spine, palms, or feet. It is also suitable for massaging the back muscle groups. In the area of the cervical spine, increased caution, gentleness, and the use of less intensity are required.



The warranty is 2 years from the date of purchase and expires in the following cases: 

  • Damage caused by accident, mishandling, improper use, or transport.
  • The product has been subjected to unauthorized repair or unauthorized handling.
  • The product was not used as instructed.
  • The damage exceeds the price of the product.
  • The deterioration of the delivered product resulting from improper storage, use or cleaning.
  • Failure to provide dated proof of purchase.



Talk to your doctor before using the product, especially if you have any health problems, suffer from an ongoing acute or chronic illness, are pregnant, or have had joint changes. The product is intended for adults only. Do not use the massage gun on joints, head, or other bony parts of the body. Bruises may appear after use. As soon as you feel any discomfort or pain in the massaged area, stop using the product immediately. Keep your hair or any part of your body away from the moving part of the appliance and the cooling ventilation holes on the back of the engine to prevent pinching. Do not insert any objects into the cooling ventilation holes on the back of the engine. The device is not intended for use underwater, even in hazardous conditions where there is a risk that water could get into the internal system, for example through the cooling holes of the engine. Always avoid any possibility of water getting inside the product. Store and use the product away from liquids and heat sources. Use only the charger provided in the product packaging. Check the device carefully before each use. Do not interfere with the operation of the product in any way. Do not start or charge the device in an unattended state. Do not handle the product in any hazardous manner that could damage the product or injure the user. Do not remove the screws or attempt to disassemble the product. After reaching continuous operation for one hour, turn off the product and leave it off for half an hour before using it again. Store the product in a dry place, protect from heat, humidity, and direct sunlight.

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