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Whey Protein

Whey Protein

Whey Protein is one of the most popular proteins for its rapid absorption and good digestibility. It is a good choice for all athletes who want to build muscle and burn fat. Thanks to its composition, the human body can immediately use it to regenerate and grow muscles after training. 

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3 key benefits of whey protein for athletes

Whey protein is one of the best-selling proteins. It is used by active athletes, but also by people who are just beginning to exercise. 

This is mainly due to these 3 effects:

  • promotes muscle building and growth - provides proteins and amino acids that serve as building blocks for muscle growth while increasing anabolic hormone release
  • stimulates protein synthesis - thanks to the leucine amino acid content
  • the body can use it immediately - it is quickly absorbed compared to other proteins. Therefore, it is advisable to take it after training for immediate protein supplementation.


In addition to these benefits, whey protein also has other health benefits. It can help to reduce body fat, cardiovascular disease, promote immunity and act anti-inflammatory.  


Other effects of whey protein

  • regenerates muscle damage that occurred during training
  • helps reduce body fat while preserving muscle mass
  • reduces LDL cholesterol and helps to increase the level of “good” HDL cholesterol
  • can help lower blood pressure
  • has a positive effect on the treatment of diabetes
  • lowers glucose levels
  • strengthens innate immunity


Composition of whey protein

Whey protein consists of a spectrum of amino acids that are known to have excellent solubility, have strong anabolic effects. In high representation, it contains:

  • branched chain amino acids - BCAA (isoleucine, leucine and valine) that promote muscle growth and protein synthesis process
  • Glutamine - an amino acid that promotes muscle regeneration
  • L-cysteine, an amino acid that can help relieve the signs of aging or diabetes


Whey protein also contains minerals, vitamins and biologically active microfractions - alpha-lactalbumin, glycomacropeptides, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and growth factors.


Types of whey protein

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

Whey protein is the least processed protein containing from 35 to 89% of protein. The rest of the product is lactose, fat, minerals and water. Thanks to its composition it belongs to the tastiest proteins. It is produced by a filtration process and is a cost-effective supplement. We recommend using it for those who want to build volume and support muscle growth. It is also an ideal product to increase the proportion of protein in the diet.  


Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

Whey isolate is exceptional by the fact it contains more than 90% protein, it is an almost pure protein with a minimum of lactose and fat. It is a good source of protein for people with lactose intolerance. It contains little or no lactose, making it easy to digest. The best quality in the range of whey isolates is a protein produced by microfiltration. Its price tends to be higher but still acceptable and proportionate to quality. We recommend using it as a quick source of protein after training. It is also a convenient part of menu in reducing diets


Whey Protein Hydrolysate (WPH)

Whey hydrolysate is a protein that is enzymatically pre-digested to be absorbed as good and as quickly as possible. It is produced by a hydrolysis process that can reduce the allergic potential of whey and milk protein by removing epitope allergens. It contains from 80 to 90% of protein

Hydrolyzed whey protein is one of the highest quality proteins in the market, which is reflected in its price. It is a part of baby food and many sports or medical nutritional supplements. We recommend it to those who want to quickly gain muscle mass. It is an ideal choice at the time of gaining muscle mass and can be used as a fast protein source in the morning after waking up, or before and after training. An overview of the different types of whey proteins can be found in the table. 


TypeProteinLactoseFatProcuction process

Whey Concentrate (WPC)

35 - 89 %

4 - 52 %

1,9 %


Whey Isolate (WPI)

90 - 95 %

0,5 - 1 %

0,5 - 1 %

Microfiltration / Ion exchange

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein (WPH)

80 - 90 %

0,5 - 10 %

0,5 - 8 %



Recommended dosage of whey protein

  • If you are active in sports and you want to burn fat, but at the same time to maintain muscle mass, you should take 1.5 - 2.2 g of protein per kilogram of weight per day.
  • If you exercise or try to reduce body fat, you should consume 1.0 - 1.5 g protein per kilogram of weight.
  • If you have a sedentary job, do not sport and are not going to change your body composition, it is sufficient to take 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of weight.  


When using whey protein, it is important to note that its consumption does not harm the liver or kidneys of healthy individuals. However, if you have liver problems or have kidney problems, be sure to consult your doctor before taking the protein. 

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              1. Just Whey Protein - GymBeam
                93% (405)
                Special Price   €19.95
              2. Protein 100% Whey Gold Standard - Optiomum Nutrition
                89% (493)
                Special Price   €14.95
              3. Protein True Whey - GymBeam
                91% (1294)
                Special Price   €12.95
              4. Anabolic Whey - GymBeam
                95% (115)
                Special Price   €8.95
              5. Protein Pure IsoWhey - GymBeam
                91% (246)
                Special Price   €19.95
              6. Protein Yum Yum Whey 1000 g - BeastPink
                94% (242)
                Special Price   €19.95
              7. Hydro Whey DH 32 Protein - GymBeam
                87% (49)
                Special Price   €21.95
              8. Protein 100% Whey - Nutrend
                85% (70)
                Special Price   €38.95
              9. Protein Mutant Whey - PVL
                86% (187)
                Special Price   €24.95
              10. Sample Just Whey - GymBeam
                0% (0)
                Special Price   €0.99
              11. Whey Protein - GYMQUEEN
                0% (0)
                Special Price   €14.99
              12. ISO HD™ - BPI Sports
                0% (0)
                Special Price   €18.95
              13. BEST PROTEIN™ - BPI Sports
                0% (0)
                Special Price   €49.55
              14. Clear Whey - Bodylab
                0% (0)
                Special Price   €22.49
              15. Ps Whey - ProSupps
                0% (0)
                Special Price   €25.95
              16. 100% Whey Premium - Activlab
                0% (0)
                Special Price   €36.95
              17. Whey Protein 80 - The Protein Works
                95% (8)
                Special Price   €11.50
              18. Protein hot chocolate The Big Z™ - The Protein Works
                100% (1)
                Special Price   €14.99
              19. Opti-Lean Whey Protein - Optimum Nutrition
                0% (0)
                Special Price   €19.95
              20. Protein Instant Whey Pro - Reflex Nutrition
                0% (0)
                Special Price   €22.45
              21. Protein Whey - Ghost
                100% (2)
                Special Price   €42.95
              22. Protein ISO 100 Hydrolyzed - Dymatize
                100% (6)
                Special Price   €25.95
              23. Isopure Low Carb Protein - Isopure
                89% (7)
                Special Price   €74.95
              24. Mars Hi Protein Whey Powder - Mars
                100% (3)
                Special Price   €19.95
              25. Snickers Hi Protein Whey Powder - Mars
                83% (7)
                Special Price   €19.95
              26. Whey Protein - Optimum Nutrition
                83% (22)
                Special Price   €17.95
              27. Protein Anabolic Monster Whey - Amix
                100% (3)
                Special Price   €40.95
              28. Protein Hy-Pro Deluxe 500 g - All Stars
                98% (17)
                Special Price   €18.95
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