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Ab Wheel is an effective fitness tool that you will appreciate as part of your full-body workout routine. It will help strengthen your deep stabilization system (core), abdominal muscles, arms, shoulders, chest, back or even legs. Its robust construction and slip-resistant handles ensure comfort during exercise.

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Ab Wheel is an effective fitness tool that will find a place in your workout routine and help you exercise your core, as well as the muscles of the whole body

Ab Wheel is an effective fitness tool that will help you strengthen your whole body muscles and work on your stability, making it an integral part of your full-body workout. In fact, when exercising with an ab wheel, it effectively engages not only the deep stabilization system (core), but also abdominal muscles, arms, shoulders, chest, back or even lower body muscles. Your body will benefit from this fundamental exercise with the ab wheel: just kneel down, grasp the handles, place it in front of you, and then move forward slowly and with control.


Exercising with the exercise wheel is not only effective but also comfortable. This is because it features a robust construction, consisting of two wheels attached on each side with sturdy, non-slip handles. The handles are covered with a soft, non-slip material. The wheel is lightweight and easy to transport, making it a regular companion for home workouts, as well as for exercising in the gym or on the workout playground.



Ab Wheel - GymBeam


Ab Wheel & its benefits

  • an effective fitness tool 
  • features a durable construction composed of two wheels 
  • the wheels are secured in place with sturdy handles
  • the handles are covered with non-slip material
  • can be easily folded
  • portable
  • helps tone the entire body and improve stability
  • suitable for full-body training
  • helps target the core, abs, arms, shoulders, hands, chest, back and legs
  • suitable for home workouts, the gym and the workout playground
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