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LIFTER Trap Bar is a type of barbell designed for deadlifts and other complex exercises. Due to its hexagonal shape, it is also known as the Olympic hex bar. The main advantage of its use in deadlifts is that it effectively engages your leg muscles without putting excessive strain on your lower back. As a result, it helps improve and maintain proper technique of the exercise.

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LIFTER Trap Bar - a barbell designed specifically for training deadlifts, farmer's carry and other strength exercises 

LIFTER Trap Bar has a unique hexagonal shape, thanks to which it is also commonly known as the Olympic hex bar. It is used in particular for deadlifts, which, when using a hex bar, are performed as follows: Load the bar up with the standard large weight plates. Stand in the centre of the hex bar, bend your knees slightly, and grasp the upper or lower handles at the sides. Maintain a neutral back position, pointing your chest straight in front of you. Inhale deeply into your belly and lift the bar as you straighten up. Unlike when performing deadlifts with a regular barbell, your centre of gravity will be situated closer towards the middle of your body, allowing you to engage your thighs more effectively. This way you can keep your back straight without excessive strain on your lumbar spine. As a result, using the hex bar for deadlifts makes it much easier to maintain proper technique.


Another great advantage of the hexagonal bar is that the handles are situated slightly above the bar, thanks to which you don't need to bend over so deeply. This is particularly useful for beginners and people whose mobility isn't the best. Furthermore, this means the lifting distance is shortened, which allows you to use heavier weights. Powerlifters in particular can benefit from this arrangement too, as they can focus on training the upper phase of the deadlift. However, our LIFTER Trap Bar is also equipped with lower handles, offering you a choice of grips.  


The hex bar is also perfect for farmer's carry exercise. Once you lift the loaded barbell to the upper position and activate your core, you can commence walking forwards. This exercise improves your grip and strengthens your arms, abdomen, as well as lower body


LIFTER Trap Bar has the weight of 20 kg and the length of 1.42 m. The section for loading weight plates has a diameter of 50 mm, which allows you to use the standard IRON Olympic weight plates or Rubber weight plates. The maximum weight capacity of the bar is 320 kg, so that you can certainly load up. The handles are treated with an anti-slip surface and have a diameter of 25 mm, offering you a comfortable and solid grip. The bar is made of sturdy steel and will no doubt find its use in every gym.



LIFTER Trap Bar & its advantages 

  • Olympic hex barbell for deadlifts and other strength exercises
  • hexagonal shape
  • made from durable steel
  • helps maintain proper deadlift technique
  • weight of 20 kg
  • plate loading section has the standard diameter of 50 mm
  • uses standard Olympic weight plates
  • weight carry capacity of 320 kg
  • handles have a diameter of 25 mm
  • two sets of handles at different height levels
  • suitable for beginners and advanced athletes 


Technical details of LIFTER Trap Bar

Weight 20 kg
Bar length 142 cm
Weight loading section diameter 50 mm
Handle diameter 25 mm
Maximum weight capacity 300 kg
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