Skipping Ropes

Skipping Ropes is a category of practical accessories sure to be appreciated by fitness enthusiasts and others alike. Oftentimes, they are used by boxers, MMA fighters, and crossfit enthusiasts in their training routines. However, skipping ropes aren't just for athletes; they're suitable for anyone looking to get in shape, improve agility, lose weight, or work on explosive strength.

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In the skipping ropes category, you will find:

  • Basic skipping ropes, which are a great choice for beginners. For starters, a skipping rope with plastic handles will suffice for gradual improvement. Then, you can progress to a steel skipping rope, which provides better grip and faster rotation. It's also suitable for anyone looking to learn the advanced double-under technique.
  • Weighted skipping ropes are ideal for advanced users who already have the basics down and want to increase the intensity of their workout. However, beginners can also benefit from them, as they offer slower rotation, allowing more time for better overall coordination of skipping. A great bonus is that they help strengthen the wrists and forearms.
  • Smart skipping ropes rank among the gems of intelligent fitness tools. Thanks to their smart features, they can count individual skips and measure the total workout time. With them, you can easily maintain motivation to improve without being burdened by counting reps or tracking time with another tool.
  • Cordless skipping ropes have earned their sport among modern fitness gadgets. They don't have a rope and are equipped with only handles attached to balls that move and mimic the classic rotation of a skipping rope. Their advantage is that you won't have to clean up half of the room just to have enough space for a workout. Additionally, you won't damage anything that might get in the way while skipping with a traditional skipping rope.

How to adjust the skipping rope:

After picking the appropriate skipping rope, consider the ideal length. In the case of beginners, it should be longer because a longer skipping rope also extends the swing time, allowing more time for coordination. The following steps will help with the initial adjustment of the skipping rope:

  1. Stand on the skipping rope with your feet next to each other.
  2. Grip the handles firmly.
  3. Stand up straight and extend the skipping rope along your body to shoulder height.
  4. The length of the skipping rope should ideally be in line with your armpits.

Afterwards, nothing is stopping you from choosing from our wide range of skipping ropes.

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