Stevia  is a category of products that contain sweeteners used in healthy cooking and baking recipes. Typically, they contain steviol glycosides, which are obtained from parts of a plant called candyleaf (Stevia rebaudiana). It has a naturally sweet taste and 200-300 times higher sweetness value compared to sugar. Therefore, it is enough to just use a small amount to sweeten your dishes.

Another advantage is that it is a calorie-free sweetener with a zero glycaemic index. If you use it as a sugar substitute, you will easily reduce your energy intake. These products are therefore popular among people who are trying to lose weight and eat less sugar. However, they will also come in handy to those who would like to sweeten their dishes in a healthy manner. They come in the form of soluble powders, drops, tablets, or a syrup.

How to use stevia?

Sweeteners that contain steviol glycosides can be used to prepare a variety of healthy dishes. They are suitable as sugar substitutes when baking sweet desserts, or can be used to sweeten cereal porridges, yoghurts, or cottage cheese. In the form of drops or soluble tablets, they are also suitable for sweetening tea, coffee and other beverages.

Want to learn more about stevia? Then you should definitely check out our article: Stevia: 100% Natural Sweetener with Many Health Benefits.

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