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MoiMüv Snack Pack is a discount product bundle that will bring joy to everybody with a sweet tooth. For example, you can treat yourself to a MoiMüv Protein Cookie or a MoiMüv Protein Bar with a high protein content. The pack also includes delicious MoiMüv Protein Crispies, MoiMüv Protein Flapjack, protein-packed MoiMüv Protein Milkshake and MoiMüv Protein Spread.

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MoiMüv Snack Pack - a pack of delicious protein snacks that satisfy cravings for sweet foods

MoiMüv Snack Pack is a discount Christmas bundle that will easily bring joy to everybody with a sweet tooth. It includes a variety of delicious products selected from the category of healthy snacks. Each of these is rich in valuable nutrients, particularly in protein for growth and maintenance of muscle mass. First of all, the package includes a soft and puffy MoiMüv Protein Cookie with pieces of chocolate. This cookie is also rich in dietary fibre and makes for an ideal snack anytime during the day, similarly to the highly popular MoiMüv Protein Bar. The bar not only delights with its fantastic flavour, but also with its excellent nutrition profile that boasts low sugar and high protein content, all sourced from whey concentrate and milk protein. 


This way, MoiMüv Protein Bar can support muscle growth and maintenance. MoiMüv Protein Crispies also excel and will delight everyone who loves crunchy treats. Another interesting alternative to classic protein bars is the MoiMüv Protein Flapjack made from oat flakes, chocolate chips, date syrup, fruit and cocoa. Baked together into a delicious and perfectly balanced snack, these ingredients ensure you provide your body with all the energy it needs, protein, as well as all macronutrients. 


The pack also includes MoiMüv Protein Milkshake, which we picked from the category of ready-to-drink products. It contains no added sugar or palm oil, and boasts low fat content. Thanks to its practical packaging, it makes for a great companion on a hike, a trip to your local gym, your work or university. The bundle is topped off with something for those who love delicious spreads. Our MoiMüv Protein Spread is GMO-free and contains no palm oil. It is sweetened only with maltitol, which is significantly lower in calories than regular sugar. Enjoy it on its own, or use it as an ingredient to upgrade your desserts, oatmeal, smoothies or a whole variety of other recipes. 


MoiMüv Snack Pack makes for an ideal gift for everyone who loves sweet treats. Not only do these products satisfy the cravings, they also provide a much healthier alternative to the regular sweet treats.


MoiMüv Snack Pack & its advantages

  • contains more suitable alternatives to regular sweet treats
  • will delight every sweet tooth
  • all products included are rich in protein
  • MoiMüv Protein Cookie is high in dietary fibre and thus reliably satiates
  • MoiMüv Protein Bar is low in sugar and high in protein  
  • MoiMüv Protein Crispies are delicious chocolate balls ideal for all your travels
  • the delicious MoiMüv Protein Flapjack gives you the energy you need to overcome every challenge
  • MoiMüv Protein Milkshake is a ready-to-drink product with no sugar
  • MoiMüv Protein Spread is great on its own as well as an ingredient in a variety of desserts, oatmeal bowls, smoothies, and other recipes


MoiMüv Snack Pack contains

  1. MoiMüv Protein Cookie - GymBeam - 75 g cookie with double-chocolate flavour, rich in protein and dietary fibre
  2. MoiMüv Protein Bar - GymBeam - 60 g bar in crunchy caramel flavour, low in sugar and high in protein and dietary fibre
  3. MoiMüv Protein Crispies - GymBeam - 190 g chocolate balls in milk chocolate flavour
  4. MoiMüv Protein Flapjack - GymBeam - 90 g snack rich in protein and dietary fibre. Comes in a chocolate brownie flavour
  5. MoiMüv Protein Milkshake - GymBeam - 242 ml ready-to-drink chocolate shake rich in protein, with no added sugar
  6. MoiMüv Protein Spread - GymBeam - 400 g of protein-rich spread in hazelnut flavour. Contains no palm oil or GMOs.
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