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DNA Tests is a category that features home DNA test kits to help you discover more information related to your health, nutrition, and lifestyle. DNA is like a genetic code that is contained in every living cell. This code functions as a program and tells your body how to function properly. Thus, genetics can affect virtually every aspect of your life. DNA determines your appearance, success in sports, but also dictates the predispositions to a particular occupation. However, it can also influence the way the body metabolizes and tolerates certain substances.

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You can't just look into your DNA without any help. Enter home DNA test kits, which can be a great means to at least take a sneak-peak into your DNA and better understand the functioning of certain processes in your body.

What can home DNA test kits help with?

  • detect changes at the DNA level, which can cause various diseases
  • help discover whether you have a predisposition to perform better in endurance or strength sports
  • recommend you the ideal sport that is in line with your genetic predispositions
  • tell you how your body reacts to specific nutrients, and suggest diet adjustments
  • analyse the ADIPOQ gene in detail, which is associated with obesity and success in losing weight
  • determine the optimal intake of vitamins and minerals
  • reveal food intolerances or the tendency to alcohol dependence
  •  determine your sensitivity to stress and help with setting an optimal sleep schedule
  • recommend optimal skin care

How to use a home DNA test?

Each DNA test kit comes with instructions on how to perform it correctly, as well as all the tools you need. An example is the Advanced DNA Test Kit. Usually, you only need to take a saliva sample from the inner side of your cheek and place it into the included tube, which will then be picked up by a courier that you call. Afterwards, you will be waiting for the results to be done which you can then view, for example, using the manufacturer's website or mobile application. Some tests also offer the option to book an online consultation with specialists, who will help you better interpret your results. What's more, they will also recommend some adjustments that will help improve the quality of your life in every way.

If you make the necessary adjustments according to the results of your DNA analysis, you can optimize your health, have an easier time losing weight, adjust your diet, and improve your sports performance.

If you want to learn more about home DNA tests, go check out our article: All You Need to Know about Home DNA Tests

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