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Fiber supports digestion, improves bowel function, lowers bad LDL cholesterol and sugar. It helps with constipation and diarrhoea, regulates emptying, and at the same time relieves bloating and flatulence. It can bind water and slows down the passage of food through the digestive tract. Slower digestion subsequently induces a feeling of satiety for a more extended period of time and also increases insulin sensitivity or blood glucose control. In particular, fiber has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora and serves as food for beneficial bacteria. Their increased amount improves the function of the immune system and eliminates inflammation in the body. However, many people are embarrassed by the lack of fiber, so care must be taken to ensure that it is adequately ingested, either through diet or through products such as soluble fibre psyllium or apple fiber. In addition to all these benefits that fiber offers, it is also famous for weight loss and dieting.

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    1. Bio Psyllium - GymBeam
      100% (14)
      Special Price €5.95
    2. Apple Fiber - GymBeam
      80% (2)
      Special Price €1.79
    3. Apple fiber - Country Life
      0% (0)
      Special Price €1.95
    4. Psyllium - Wolfberry
      96% (6)
      Special Price €1.69
    5. Apple fiber - Wolfberry
      100% (3)
      Special Price €1.69

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