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Hydrolyzed Proteins

Hydrolyzed Proteins

Hydrolyzed Proteins

Hydrolyzed Proteins are protein supplements partially digested in advance into smaller peptides, most often in the form of a concentrate or isolate. This type of protein is best digestible and has excellent absorption features, as the body accepts it better and transports it directly to muscle fibres. This provides the body with the necessary amino acids and guarantees growth and regeneration of muscle mass. Hydrolysates contain mostly more than 90% protein. The hydrolysis process can cause the whey to have a slightly bitter taste, but this depends on the degree of hydrolysis that the whey undertakes. Hydrolysed proteins are the ideal choice for those who are allergic to some whey ingredients. 

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Hydrolyzed proteins and their benefits

  • contain more than 90% protein
  • promote muscle growth and regeneration
  • have a high proportion of amino acids
  • are very easy to digestible
  • have a great absorption
  • suitable for people who are allergic to certain whey ingredients
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  1. Hydro Whey DH 32 Protein - GymBeam
    84% (58)
    Special Price €21.95
  2. HydroFue Protein – GymBeam
    100% (8)
    Special Price €42.95
  3. Protein Hydro Whey - Nutrend
    100% (1)
    Special Price €51.90

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