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Collagen Joint Supplements

Collagen Joint Supplements

Collagen Joint Supplements

Collagen Joint Supplements promote joint health and provide the body with substances that induce effective recovery of joints and cartilage, and even an improvement in overall mobility. These supplements are literally like gelatinous candy, which will provide the ultimate joint nutrition, slow down the aging process of bones, joints, and cartilage, and further promote hair growth and quality, eliminate nail fragility, and help skin regeneration. It should be noted that joint wear and tear can occur not only with increasing age and not only with insufficient movement and sedentary work. Likewise, active athletes and hard-working people often face this problem, and it is now necessary to provide sufficient joint nutrition.

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Collagen is generally one of the proteins that are part of our body and is a key structural component not only of connective tissues. For the musculoskeletal system, the most important is the intake of type II collagen found in cartilage. However, we should not forget about type I collagen, which is, for example, in bones, tendons, and ligaments, or type III collagen that occurs, for example, in muscles. Collagen deficiency in the body can manifest itself in joint pain, stiffening of ligaments and tendons, insufficient flexibility, or muscle weakness. However, these negative effects can be prevented with sufficient intake.


Collagen, in most cases, comes from animal connective tissues, most often from seafood which excels in excellent absorption, or from cattle. In connection with absorption, we can recommend, for example, hydrolysed collagen. It went through a process in which collagen fibres were broken down into small chains of amino acids that are easily absorbed.


In collagen products, you will often find vitamin C, which is essential for the process of collagen production.


You can choose in what form you will supplement collagen to your body. The most common choices are, for example, shots, drinks, capsules or powder. And if you still have questions about collagen and the joints, you should reach for our article What Type of Collagen Is Best for the Joints?

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  1. RunCollg Hydrolyzed Collagen - GymBeam
    98% (193)
    Special Price €11.95
  2. Joint Support Articular Drink 390 g - GymBeam
    93% (186)
    Special Price €9.95
  3. Colla Pink - BeastPink
    97% (311)
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  4. Collagen + Vitamin C - OstroVit
    100% (11)
    Special Price €13.95
  5. BioCell Collagen® Hydrolyzed Type II - NOW Foods
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    Special Price €24.95
  6. Flexit Gelacoll - Nutrend
    92% (33)
    Special Price €7.95

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