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Orange Massage Ball is a tool for muscle relaxation. It helps improve your regeneration after an intense workout, and is also commonly used as a physical therapy aid for strengthening wrists. Thanks to its dimensions it is suitable for massaging body parts that are hard to access with other tools such as massage roller. The ball is firm and helps produce a sense of relaxation.

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Orange Massage Ball - a practical and firm ball for muscle relaxation that will help you massage hard to access areas of your body

Orange Massage Ball, also known as a spiky massage ball, is a practical tool for relaxing your muscles. It helps improve your regeneration after a particularly intense workout, and is commonly used as a physical therapy aid and for strengthening wrists. It can also be used for gentle massage and strengthening your fingers and hand articulations. It can help you exercise a variety of grips and squeezes, as well as massage your tired palms. Furthermore, it is suitable for massaging and stimulating the blood circulation in your hands, back or feet. Its compact dimensions allow you to massage yourself in areas that are hard to access with other massage aids, such as a regular massage roller. 


The ball is made from PVC, which makes it firm, and its use produces relaxing sensations. Thanks to this, it is suitable not only for athletes, but for everyone who suffers from stiff back muscles due to having a sedentary line of work. Finally, the ball is lightweight and easy to store, so that you can easily take it anywhere you go, and enjoy a relaxing massage, whether you're at home, or travelling. 


Orange Massage Ball - GymBeam


Orange Massage Ball & its advantages

  • a practical massage tool for muscle relaxation  
  • spiky massage ball
  • contributes to better regeneration after an intense workout
  • helps with physical therapy and wrist strengthening
  • ideal for massaging hands, back or feet
  • allows you to massage yourself in hard to access areas
  • firm surface that produces relaxing sensations upon use
  • great for athletes and people suffering from stiff back
  • lightweight and easy to store
  • you can take in anywhere you go and enjoy a massage at home or on the road






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