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Fruits & Nuts Bomb Pack will put a smile on the face of all lovers of healthy snacks. If you know of someone in your neighbourhood who enjoys nuts or fruits instead of sweets, you will surely please them with a pack of lyophilized strawberries, red currants, dragon fruit and almonds in dark chocolate. All of this at a sinfully good Christmas discounted price.

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Fruits & Nuts Bomb Pack -  healthy crunching for every snack lover

Fruits & Nuts Bomb Pack is intended not just for vegans, but all the lovers of healthy crunching and snacking too. If you have someone in your neighbourhood who enjoys healthier alternatives to sweets such as fruits and nuts, this pack will be the perfect choice. It includes almonds in dark chocolate, lyophilized strawberries, dragon fruit and red currants. 


These fruits are processed using a gentle freeze-drying method, boasting a flavour and aroma that is absolutely indistinguishable from fresh fruit. The only difference is the texture, which allows you to fully enjoy the crunchy delicacy either on its own or in a variety of treats. It is perfect for yoghurts, porridges, smoothies, puddings and the like. And the best part is that you can enjoy the fruit in freeze-dried form at any time of the year thanks to its longer shelf life. 


In addition, the pack also contains something for nut lovers, as it offers almonds in dark chocolate. They have a delicate taste, which is tuned to perfection thanks to the rich dark chocolate flavour. In addition, almonds are a source of healthy fats and are high in fibre. You can enjoy them in the same way as freeze-dried fruits – either on their own or as a delightful addition to various desserts.


Would you like to delight your loved ones with a pack for healthy snacking? Then this discounted pack is the right choice.


Fruits & Nuts Bomb Pack & its benefits

  • a combination of products for healthy snacking at a discounted price
  • contains freeze-dried fruits and almonds in dark chocolate
  • lyophilized fruit is a sweet snack to go, which you can always have on hand
  • almonds are a source of healthy fats and fibre


Fruits & Nuts Bomb Pack contains

  1. Lyophilized Strawberries - GymBeam - 100 g of freeze-dried strawberries packed with flavour and aroma.
  2. Lyophilized Red Currants - GymBeam - 100 g freeze-dried red currants full of flavours and aroma.
  3. Lyophilized Dragon Fruit - GymBeam - 100g of freeze-dried dragon fruit packed with flavours and aroma.
  4. Almonds in Dark Chocolate - GymBeam - 500 g of crunchy almonds coated in captivating dark chocolate.
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