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Muscle Roller Stick is an effective tool for a full body massage. It is intended not only for athletes, but for everyone looking to relax stiff muscles after a long and difficult day. It is ideal for use before training to warm up and increase blood flow to the muscles, as well as after a training session, for improving muscle regeneration. Thanks to its elongated shape with handles, it allows for auto massage of arms, legs, abdomen and even the back. 

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Muscle Roller Stick is a highly practical tool for auto massaging the entire body to relax strained muscles

Muscle Roller Stick is a practical auto massage tool that will come in handy to every athlete. It is intended for relaxing stiff and strained muscles. It consists of four moving parts and two side handles. Thanks to this, it is easy to use, and allows you to massage your arms, legs, abdomen and lower back. The ribbed surface is perfect for deep tissue massage of muscles and fascia. 


The roller stick can be used before training, when it can improve blood flow to the muscles, helping them prepare for the upcoming strain. Alternatively, using the stick after your training session is beneficial for relaxing and loosening up the strained muscles. The increased blood flow will, in this case, also contribute to a more rapid removal of metabolic waste products from the damaged muscle tissue, which leads to faster regeneration.


Aside from athletes, this massage roller is also highly useful for anyone with an intense manual labour job, an office worker with a sedentary desk job who needs to relax muscles stiffened up after a long day of work at the computer. The Muscle Roller Stick can therefore be used for both therapeutic and relaxation purposes. 


Muscle Roller Stick & its advantages

  • a practical massage tool
  • consists of four moving parts
  • length of 43 cm
  • made from polypropylene (PP)
  • easy to handle
  • ideal for massaging stiff muscles
  • helps increase blood flow in the massaged areas
  • suitable for use before as well as after training
  • helps relax stiff muscles
  • ideal not only for athletes






Length: 43 cm

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