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GymBeam is a leading company that was established in 2013 and is mainly engaged in the production and internet sales of nutritional supplements, fitness clothing and exercise accessories. We differ from other stores because we only employ and cooperate with professionals and top athletes who can advise you on nutritional supplements and advise us on how to adjust the assortment to provide you with the most benefits. However, the biggest difference is that in addition to the world famous brands of nutritional supplements, we are a manufacturer and seller of our own GymBeam brand. From the very beginning, we thought about producing our own supplements, and after a year of testing and analysis, in July 2014 we came to the market with our first product and gradually began to expand our product range. Today, in our range you can find protein powders of different sources, fat burners, amino acids and bcaa, vitamins, minerals and most recently also fitness food, snacks and superfoods like nut butter, chia seeds, quinoa, and many others.


5 simple steps that we take care for every customer:

  • We provide fast delivery
  • We have a low delivery price
  • We offer a wide selection of products
  • We have a simple and helpful return&exchange procedure
  • We always have fair prices

  gymbeam clothing


In the production of our products, which are operated in Germany, we pay attention to the quality of the raw materials, which are of European origin, as well as efficient and sophisticated formulas. Production always takes place on the basis of strict procedures and criteria in fully accredited pharmaceutical production facilities, where the quality of the produced goods and their content is regularly tested under the supervision of the state control authorities. In addition to nutritional supplements, under the GymBeam Clothing brand, we started to produce and sell gym and fitness accessories for men and women, like shorts, sweatpants, leggings, t-shirts and tank tops, sweatshirts and compression clothing.

  1. Just Whey Protein - GymBeam
    93% (405)
    Special Price   €19.95
  2. Moxy bcaa+ Energy Drink 250 ml - GymBeam
    96% (172)
    Special Price   €0.79
  3. Chromium Picolinate - GymBeam
    93% (34)
    Special Price   €3.70
  4. Blue Shaker 700 ml - GymBeam
    92% (17)
    Special Price   €2.50
  5. Moxy Power+ Energy Drink 330 ml - GymBeam
    94% (34)
    Special Price   €0.99
  6. Protein True Whey - GymBeam
    91% (1294)
    Special Price   €12.95
  7. Fat Burner L-Carnitine - GymBeam
    94% (136)
    Special Price   €11.95
  8. Bcaa 4:1:1 Instant - GymBeam
    88% (500)
    Special Price   €9.95
  9. Anabolic Whey - GymBeam
    95% (115)
    Special Price   €8.95
  10. Protein Pure IsoWhey - GymBeam
    91% (246)
    Special Price   €19.95
  11. Omega 3 - GymBeam
    95% (103)
    Special Price   €4.95
  12. L-Glutamine - GymBeam
    95% (83)
    Special Price   €5.95
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