CLA & HCA is a category of products with the content of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and hydroxycitric acid (HCA). These are regarded as fat burners, which are a popular choice when losing weight or toning your muscles. That said, they are equally popular among people who are on a reduction diet and are looking for a way to feel more satiated. These supplements work best in combination with exercise and a modified diet, and can help you achieve even better overall results.

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What is CLA, and what are its effects?

CLA ranks among omega-6 fatty acids and is naturally found in foods such as meat or dairy products. However, it can also be found in dietary supplements in more concentrated amounts. It contributes to maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels, and also ranks among popular fat burners. Despite the fact that it is a fatty acid (fat), it is able to take part in the metabolism, thus affecting the process of fat burning and storage of fat. Due to these effects, supplements that include CLA are often used to support weight loss. It is especially popular among bodybuilders who want to get rid of subcutaneous fat and maintain the maximum amount of muscle mass at the same time.

How to take CLA?

CLA is most regularly taken 1-3 times a day in the form of capsules together with meals or before exercise. The daily serving amount ranges between 3200-6400 mg of CLA.

What is HCA, and what are its effects?

HCA is a chemical compound that is naturally found in tropical plants such as Garcinia cambogia. This biologically active compound is valued for its effect on increasing the feeling of satiety and satisfaction from eating. This may make it easier to maintain a caloric deficit and eat smaller portions of meals. It is also the main reason why it is commonly added to complex dietary supplements to promote weight loss.

How to take HCA?

HCA is typically used 1-3 times a day during the pre-workout period or 30-60 minutes before meals. One serving contains 500-1000 mg of HCA.

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