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Performance Pack is a carefully designed bundle of products available at a special Christmas discount price. As a present, it will no doubt delight everybody who wants to maximize their athletic performance. It contains FueRide sports drink, Ergo sports bottle and Hydrate+ effervescent tabs with vitamins and key electrolytes. In addition, it includes an Energy Shot and delicious MoiMüv Protein Cookie, which will replenish energy and protein. 

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Performance Pack - a carefully designed package for maximum sports performance

Performance Pack brings you a generous bundle of products at a great price, ideal for everyone who wants to give their absolute best in sports. To begin, it includes the FueRide sports drink that will easily replenish fluids and energy. Thanks to its electrolyte and carbohydrate content, it helps maintain a long-lasting endurance performance, all while effectively hydrating the body, which is crucial for optimal athletic performance.


Its effects can be intensified by the Hydrate+ effervescent tabs with vitamins and minerals such as sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium. Magnesium itself helps maintain electrolyte balance, and together with potassium, it contributes to proper muscle function. You can enjoy the refreshing taste of Hydrate+ tabs thanks to the enclosed Ergo Sports Bottle, which will never let you down, no matter the sport of your choice. It is made from a durable material that seals its contents perfectly and keeps drinks odour-free.


Not to forget the Energy Shot. It contains guarana and green tea extract, which are among the natural sources of caffeine. The latter is known as the world's most popular stimulant that reliably energizes the body before any challenge. The ingredients list of Energy Shot is complemented by vitamins and minerals, of which magnesium stands out. This is because it supports normal muscle activity and contributes to the reduction of both fatigue and exhaustion. 


As a reward after each exercise, you can indulge in a delicious MoiMüv Protein Cookie. It contains a high proportion of protein, which supports muscle growth and maintenance, as well as bone health. In addition, it is a source of fibre, making it a balanced snack that provides the body with the necessary energy and macronutrients.


Performance Pack is the ideal Christmas gift for anyone in your life who wants to give maximum support to their athletic performance. 


Performance Pack & its benefits

  • contains products for maximum support of athletic performance
  • thanks to FueRide, it will replenish energy and key electrolytes during performance
  • Hydrate+ will replenish vitamins and minerals 
  • Energy Shot reliably energizes before every workout
  • the delicious MoiMüv Protein Cookie will replenish protein 
  • a reliable Ergo bottle will help with hydration during and after sports performance


Performance Pack contains

  1. FueRide Sports Drink - GymBeam - 800 g of powdered drink in orange flavour for replenishing liquids, energy, vitamins and electrolytes  
  2. Hydrate+ - GymBeam - 20 effervescent tabs with electrolytes, zinc and vitamin B6  
  3. Energy Shot  - a 60 ml shot with lemon-lime flavour that contains a functional dose of caffeine, magnesium and vitamins in a convenient form
  4. MoiMüv Protein Cookie - GymBeam - 75 g delicious snack with double chocolate flavour and high protein content to support muscle growth
  5. Ergo 600ml Sports Bottle - GymBeam - 600 ml durable bottle with a convenient drinking mouthpiece to ensure optimal hydration.
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