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Caffeine 90 tbl - GymBeam

Manufacturer: GymBeam
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Caffeine is caffeine tablets up to 200mg of caffeine, the most popular stimulant in the world. It is taken by bodybuilders, atlethes, also other sportsmen who need to be energized before training, improve their performance, concentratio and alertness. In addition, caffeine promotes fat burning and loss of excess kilograms. 

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Caffeine - world's most popular stimulant caffeine for energizing before training, performance improvement and fat burning

Caffeine is the world's most popular stimulant and caffeine tablets are the most commonly used form of stimulants among bodybuilders and athletes. Nothing will energize you as good as caffeine. Many studies have shown that it increases alertness, focus, improves mood, strengthens tolerance of pain, burns fat and improves performance.


Caffeine is a product with the highest possible allowed content of caffeine, 200mg per tablet. This means that it has perfect stimulatory effects on the nervous system and promotes fat burning. In order to improve performance and remove fatigue it's best taken before or during physical activity. 


Caffeine 90 tbl - GymBeam


Does Caffeine really work?

A large number of studies already confirm the stimulatory effects of caffeine and they concluded that while using it also hepls to decrease body weight. The most important factor to influence it was the stimulating effect that makes athletes to be able to train more concentrated, longer and harder. Therefore more calories are burned. Caffeine directly increase thermogenesis, which has taken part in fat loss. Athletes who don't get any results after taking caffeine, are likely to have their meals, training or supplement dosage done incorrectly.


Caffeine and its advantages:

  • removes fatigue
  • increases performance
  • promotes fat burning
  • transforms stored fat into energy source for energy, saving glycogen sources
  • positive effect on adrenaline release, which prepares the body for extreme loads and stimulates to greater results
  • stimulates the central nervous system and improves concentration
  • increases the body's ability to resist fatigue during aerobic and anaerobic exercise



Caffeine anhydrous, sorbitol, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate.


Direction for use

We recommend taking 1-2 caffeine tablets daily, 60 to 90 minutes before performance.


Nutrition facts

Nutritional facts1 tab.
Calories 2 kJ / 0,5 kcal
Fats 10 mg
Carbohydrates 0,3 g
Protein 0 mg
Caffeine 200 mg
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Caffeine 90 tbl - GymBeam

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Caffeine 90 tbl - GymBeam

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