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Sun Kiss are highly effective capsules for all the people who desire a perfect bronze tan and a healthy appearance of their skin. The ingredients include beta-carotene from a carrot extract that is used to promote a perfect tan. What's more, it also contains strong antioxidants and minerals, of which copper has an effect on the colour of the skin and zinc maintains its healthy appearance. Sun Kiss is suitable for all people who like to sunbathe in the sun or in a solarium and want to enhance the final result.

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Sun Kiss - highly functional capsules designed for everyone who desires a bronze tan and a healthy appearance of their skin

Sun Kiss are unique capsules containing select ingredients that have an effect on the pigmentation of the skin and the maintenance of its healthy appearance. This makes Sun Kiss especially popular among people who want to achieve a perfect bronze tan and a healthy skin. The ingredients include a carrot extract, which you probably know more in connection with beta-carotene. It is a significant carotenoid that is distinguished by its yellow-red colouring. But that's not all, it is also an antioxidant and a precursor of vitamin A that has an effect on maintaining a healthy skin. As you may already know, those who want to achieve a bronze skin tone should consume more carrots. This is also why beta-carotene is often added to supplements that promote a bronze tan. 


L-Tyrosine has its own special role. It is an amino acid that stands at the very beginning of a process called melanogenesis. The result of this process is the formation of the dark pigment melanin, which affects the colour of the skin. The more melanin a person has in the body, the darker his skin gets.  You may also have noticed the abbreviation PABA among the ingredients. This stands for para-aminobenzoic acid that was previously a common ingredient in sunscreens. Today, it is especially popular among people who want to support the quality and colour of their skin. Additionally,  lutein, lycopene and astaxanthin are also part of the ingredients. These rank among strong antioxidants and help reduce oxidative stress and fight free radicals that can form in the skin due to the effects of UV rays.


The whole complex is also complemented by important minerals, namely zinc, copper and selenium. Zinc affects the correct transformation of the aforementioned vitamin A  and additionally, helps maintain healthy hair, nails and skin. Copper contributes to a healthy pigmentation of hair and skin and plays a vital role during the process of melanogenesis. Last but not least, selenium also affects the maintenance of healthy nails, hair, the proper function of the immune system and helps protect cells from oxidative stress. 


If you regularly sunbathe in the sun or in a solarium, this high-quality supplement is a great means to support the final effect and protect your skin as well. In addition, it also helps maintain healthy nails, hair and the proper function of the immune system. It comes in the form of practical capsules that are easy to use. Simply pack them with you on holidays to the beach, where you will probably enjoy the sun much more.     


Sun Kiss - BeastPink


Sun Kiss & its benefits

  • designed for those who desire a perfect bronze tan
  • a complex of beta-carotene, antioxidants and other active ingredients
  • helps protect cells from oxidative stress
  • contributes to a healthy hair and skin pigmentation
  • helps maintain healthy skin
  • supports the proper function of the immune system
  • suitable for sunbathing in the sun or in a solarium
  • comes in the form of capsules



Bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), L-Tyrosine, lycopene extract (5% lycopene), anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate), zinc bisglycinate, carrot extract (Daucus carota) (10% beta-carotene), L-selenomethionine, African marigold extract (Tagetes erecta) (80% lutein), copper bisglycinate, astaxanthin (from algae), capsule (gelatin, colours: E124*, E127, E102*). *May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.


Recommended use

Take 2 capsules daily.


Nutrition facts

Nutrition 2 capsules *RDI
Carrot extract (Daucus carota) 30 mg -
- beta-carotene 3 mg -
African marigold extract (Tagetes erecta) 10 mg -
- lutein 8 mg -
Lycopene extract 40 mg -
- lycopene 2 mg -
Astaxanthin 2 mg -
PABA 200 mg -
L-Tyrosine 100 mg -
Zinc 10 mg 100 %
Copper 2 mg 200 %
Selenium 60 μg 110 %

*The recommended daily intake range of the average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)     



Do not exceed the recommended amount of daily servings. The product is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. The product is not suitable for children, pregnant or nursing women. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place at a temperature of up to 25 °C. Protect from freezing temperatures and direct sunlight.

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