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Smart Skipping Rope is a practical fitness tool suitable for home workouts, outdoor exercise, or gym sessions. It allows you to choose from three skipping modes: counting calories, counting skips, or tracking the distance in kilometres. The length of the skipping rope is adjustable, and you can also swap out the rope for wireless attachments.

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Smart Skipping Rope – a smart fitness tool for home workouts, capable of counting skips and calories burned

The Smart Skipping Rope is a smart fitness tool that will spice up your workouts at home, outdoors, or at the gym. While using this tool, you will engage your whole body and make your workout more effective, which can help you burn a significant amount of calories in a short time. Therefore, if you didn't enjoy skipping rope as a child, this smart tool will surely change your mind and make you fall in love with it. The Smart Skipping Rope features three skipping modes to make your exercise more convenient and enjoyable, allowing you to select between counting skips, calories burned, or tracking the distance in kilometres.


The adjustable length of the Smart Skipping Rope makes it practical for both children and adults. Moreover, if you're working out at home, you'll appreciate the option to swap out the long rope for attachments with balls, creating a wireless skipping rope. This prevents any accidental entanglement, such as tripping over furniture. Additionally, the anti-slip handles provide a secure grip even when your hands are sweaty.


The Smart Skipping Rope is easy to use, allowing you to control it by the press of two buttons. Your current score is displayed on an easy-to-read LED screen. It is powered by an LR44 battery, which is included in the package, and can be easily replaced when depleted. This makes it a practical fitness tool that you can use for cardio workouts or HIIT. However, it can also serve as a warm-up tool to prepare your body before strength training. The Smart Skipping Rope is therefore a great way to spice up your exercise routine while effectively helping you burn calories and improve your fitness.


Smart skipping rope - GymBeam


Smart Skipping Rope & its benefits

  • a smart fitness tool
  • features three skipping modes
  • tracks the number of calories burned, the number of skips or the distance
  • has an easy-to-read LCD screen
  • easily adjustable rope length
  • includes a pair of wireless attachments with balls
  • suitable for skipping even in smaller spaces
  • features non-slip handles for maximum comfort
  • suitable for warm-up, cardio training and HIIT
  • ideal for exercising at home, outdoors or at the gym
  • suitable for beginners as well as more advanced athletes


Package Contents

  • 1× Smart Skipping Rope
  • 1× pair of wireless attachments with balls
  • 1× LR44 battery



Technical details  
Long rope length 3 m
Short rope length 33 cm
Handle length 16.5 cm
Skipping rope material PVC
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