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Game on Pack is a carefully designed bundle at a discounted price. As a Christmas gift, it is sure to brighten up the day of all gamers who would like to support their gaming performance to the max. No matter if it's an eSports professional or a video game enthusiast. This bundle contains Energy Powder to guide you to victory in every online match, which you can mix in a HoloShake Steel Shaker with a stylish design. Last but not least, the pack contains Asaine Cap to help express your gaming style.

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Game on Pack – a bundle to support gaming performance, and ensure that the game never ends

Game on Pack is a bundle of products designed by the players for the players that will brighten up the pixels of any virtual worlds fan at a discounted price. No matter if the player is a professional e-athlete or a gaming enthusiast.


The bundle includes Energy Powder to support gaming performance, which contains up to 21 active ingredients. Their ingredient profile also comprises nootropics, which are substances generally associated with cognitive functions such as memory, thinking, and concentration. Those are key gaming senses that can decide the course of every online match. Additionally, Energy Powder tastes great and also contains adaptogens that can help keep a cool head in tense gaming situations, which can have an impact on your overall score. Whether it's a duel in League of Legends, a quick gunfight in Call of Duty, a thrilling race in F1 or a goal-scoring spree in FIFA. 


A gaming pre-workout can be then conveniently mixed up thanks to the strainer by the HoloShake Steel Shaker, which charms with its stylish cyberpunk design and steel workmanship. It features a volume of 739 ml, is lightweight, durable, leak-proof and can also serve as a water bottle. 


Last but not least, there's the Asaine Cap, which is sure to please all the gamers who like to express their style. It is very comfortable and does not interfere when engaged in an e-sports tournament, gaming at home or when putting it on to have some fun on stream. This cap has a simple design and features a prominent XBEAM logo, which represents virtual power and maximum gaming fervour in order to win every duel. 


Game on Pack & its benefits

  • contains a careful selection of products for e-athletes and casual gamers alike at a discounted price 
  • Energy Powder contains adaptogens that can help keep a cool head in tense gaming situations
  • Asaine Cap is comfortable to wear and will help express your gaming style or passion


Game On Pack contains

  1. Energy Powder - XBEAM - 360 g of effective blend in wild berries flavour containing 21 active ingredients to support the gaming performance of e-athletes and avid gamers alike 
  2. Asaine Cap - XBEAM - a lifestyle piece with a simple design for any enthusiastic gamer
  3. HoloShake Steel Shaker - XBEAM - 739 ml steel shaker with cyberpunk design for mixing gaming pre-workouts efficiently.
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