Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic Tests is a category of products that includes home diagnostic tests to help you find the cause of your digestive problems, detect vitamin and mineral deficiencies, or adjust your lifestyle to suit your genetics.


Gluten intolerance Home Test can help clarify the cause of many problems, such as bloating and a constantly bloated abdomen or diarrhea. It is also advisable to consult a doctor who will determine the further way of dealing with this problem.

Iron Deficiency Home Test can explain why you lack energy, feel weak, tired, have a headache, or have pale skin. This way, it is important to focus on increased iron intake along with vitamin C, which increases the absorption of iron.

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Home DNA saliva-based tests can tell you how to adjust your lifestyle according to your genes based on genetic analysis.


  • DNA Test Vitamins and Minerals evaluates 12 selected groups of genes that affect the metabolism of micronutrients. Thanks to this, you will learn which vitamins and minerals it is appropriate to focus on and reduce, or increase their intake through diet or nutritional supplements.
  • DNA Test Metabolism and Lifestyle reveals the efficiency of your metabolism, lactose or gluten intolerance, and the risk of alcohol or nicotine addiction.
  • DNA Test Sports Performance reveals the composition of your muscles, helping you find a sports activity that is in line with your genetics. You will also find out how well you regenerate after sports activity or whether you are prone to soft tissue injuries.
  • DNA Test Diet and Body Weight will reveal the secrets of your genes, giving you a unique opportunity to adjust your diet to suit your genetic predispositions. It can also help you lose weight, maintain your weight permanently and break out of the constant circle of trying different diets and then getting the yoyo-effect.
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