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Vegan For Life Pack contains carefully selected products at a discounted price suitable for all the fans of a plant-based diet. It contains a mix of 11 superfoods BIO Greens Mix and a Bamboo Thermo Bottle made from organic bamboo with a capacity of 500 ml. There is also BIO Green Tea, which enchants with its captivating aroma and delights the senses on any occasion.

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Vegan For Life Pack contains selected products in BIO quality for all fans of plant-based diet

Vegan For Life Pack comprises selected products suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and all those who would like to include more plant-based food in their diet. It includes a range of BIO products from the VanaVita brand, headed by a unique mix of 11 superfoods in the form of BIO Greens MixIt boasts a high protein content that supports muscle growth and maintenance, as well as bone health. Additionally, it is a source of fibre that helps take care of optimal digestion. This makes the blend ideal for anyone who is trying to live a healthy lifestyle and wants to take maximum care of their health.


People with green behaviour will also be pleased with the Bamboo Thermo Bottle, made from eco-friendly bamboo. It has a capacity of 500 ml, antibacterial properties, does not retain odours and is very durable. It will thus playfully take care of optimal hydration. In addition, it keeps the liquid hot or cold, making it suitable for water, your favourite BCAAs, as well as for tea, coffee or any other liquids.


The Vegan For Life Pack embraces the joy of good company, accentuated perfectly by the BIO Green Tea - Sencha. Made from an organically grown Chinese tea tree (Camellia sinensis), this tea is renowned as a life energizer and an ideal morning companion. When steeped in a cup, it delights with a captivating aroma, followed by its delicious, slightly bitter taste.


Vegan For Life Pack will please the supporters of plant-based diet as well as all others who want to enrich their diet with plant-based products of BIO quality.


Vegan For Life Pack & its benefits

  • a carefully selected pack of products suitable for vegans
  • high-quality BIO Greens Mix contains a unique blend of 11 superfoods and will replenish important nutrients
  • Bamboo Thermo Bottle takes care of hydration and will keep liquids hot or cold
  • BIO Green Tea - Sencha will kick-start your day first thing in the morning and enchant you with its delicious, slightly bitter flavour
  • suitable for everyone who wants to enrich their diet with plant-based products


Vegan For Life Pack contains

  1. BIO Greens Mix - VanaVita - 300 g pack of a unique blend of 11 superfoods 
  2. Eco Bamboo Bottle 500 ml - VanaVita - 500 ml eco-friendly thermo bottle that retains heat
  3. BIO Green Tea - Sencha - VanaVita - 50 g of premium quality BIO Chinese tea
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