CBD or cannabidiol is the second most represented cannabinoid in hemp just after THC. However, unlike THC, it does not generate psychoactive effects but, on the contrary, has amazingly beneficial effects on the human body. Due to this, it is currently the subject of vast scientific research. CBD products are popular among people who actively seek to support their overall physical and mental health, sports performance, regeneration and sleep due to the mechanism of action that CBD has on the human endocannabinoid system. CBD oils usually do not contain any animal ingredients, which makes them perfectly suitable for vegans.

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This category is mostly dedicated to CBD hemp oils. These are obtained from hemp seeds and flowers by the latest and gentle extraction method using supercritical CO₂. This ensures that no heat release or chemical reactions occur, which guarantees the highest quality of the resulting oil.


In case you want to learn more about CBD, the article CBD or Cannabidiol - Everything You Need to Know is the right place.

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