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Advanced DNA Test Kit can detect more than 440 valuable details related to your health, sports activity, diet, and ethnicity. It can also reveal genetic predispositions to a number of health risks or the presence of hereditary disorders. The information you gain can help you improve the quality of your everyday life.
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Advanced DNA Test Kit – a way to discover valuable information that will help improve the quality of your life 

Advanced DNA Test Kit can analyse your DNA to find out more than 440 valuable details related to your health, lifestyle or ethnic origin. It is a unique and complex DNA test kit that will provide you with as much information as 7 different DNA tests combined.  


The results will reveal the genetic predisposition to the onset of a variety of health conditionsvulnerability to addiction or the presence of hereditary disorders at the DNA level. As an example, this information can be very useful for people who are planning to have a family. In addition, the results can detect the predisposition to excessive fat accumulation in the body, the ability to grow muscle mass or the ability to break down caffeine. Last but not least, it will reveal how your body reacts to exercise and diet. 


The information you gain will provide you with a unique opportunity to adjust your lifestyle in accordance with your genes and individual needs. This allows you to make more informed decisions that can have a huge impact on the quality of your life.


What's more, you will also gain valuable information about your ethnic origin, ancestry as well as your distant relatives from all over the world. Another advantage is the free and regular update of results based on new findings and features that this service offers.  


Advanced DNA Test Kit is suitable for all people who are interested in their health and want to do their best to support it by making everyday informed decisions. For example, this can help improve your everyday life, optimize sleep schedule, or help you prevent a number of health risks and excessive fat accumulation in the body. You will also find it very useful in case you want to learn more about your ethnicity and distant relatives. 


Advanced DNA Test Kit & its benefits

  • advanced home saliva DNA test kit
  • a DNA analysis that reveals more than 440 unique details about you 
  • contains 7 full DNA tests in 1
  • provides information on genetic predispositions to health risks
  • may detect hereditary disorders based on DNA information
  • reveals how your body reacts to diet and exercise
  • provides data on ethnic origin, ancestry and distant relatives
  • analyses DNA from a saliva sample
  • user-friendly and easy to use
  • results are updated on a regular basis 
  • will assist in making lifestyle adjustments
  • helps improve the quality of your everyday life
  • suitable for anyone who cares about their health


How does it work?

  1. As soon as your test kit arrives, create a user account on the tellmeGen manufacturer's website. Next, register your test using the registration code located on the tube that is included in the DNA test kit.
  2. After registration, in most cases a DHL code will be generated in the tellmeGen customer account. You won't need it when sending a sample, so please ignore it.    
  3. Keep in mind that it is not advisable to smoke, drink or chew a gum 30 minutes before taking the sample. 
  4. Using the test kit, take a saliva sample and place it into the included tube. Do it in such manner, that the saliva fluid (not the bubbles) exceeds the marked line for filling (number 2).
  5. Place the sealed tube in a plastic container and put it in a paper box. Afterwards, place it in the enclosed plastic bag. 
  6. We will pick up your sample free of charge via courier service once you contact our customer service line (+421 233 057 087), who will arrange a pick-up date with you. Please contact the customer service line as soon as possible, ideally on the same or next day that you perform the test as instructed. It shouldn't be more than 7 days between the test and the sample collection. This is the only way to ensure a smooth evaluation of the sample.
  7. An expert analysis of your sample will be carried out at an accredited laboratory. The average processing time of the results is 4 to 6 weeks (depending on factors such as the delivery time to the laboratory) from the moment you send the sample.
  8. Once your sample is evaluated, you will receive an email notification. You can find the results by logging into your online customer account on the manufacturer's website. 


What will you find out with the tellmeGen DNA test and what does it offer?

  • Genetic predispositions to diseases - more than 90 items
  • Pharmacological compatibilities - more than 150 items
  • Inherited monogenic diseases - more than 90 items
  • Personal traits - more than 50 items
  • Wellness - more than 30 items
  • Origin - ancestry + maternal line + paternal line + Neanderthal DNA
  • Free updates - health + origin
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