RTD Protein Shakes

RTD Protein Shakes is a category of drinks that are ready for immediate consumption, thanks to which they save time that you would otherwise have to spend on preparation. They are rich in protein, thanks to which they can help you grow or maintain muscle mass as well as good bone health. These drinks boast delicious flavours you will love at the first taste, and effectively contribute to reaching your target daily intake of protein. 

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What are the advantages of RTD Protein Drinks and Shakes?

  1. May speed up your metabolic rate - protein contained in RTD drinks and shakes have the highest thermic effect of all macronutrients, meaning your body needs the most energy for digesting them, which leads to faster metabolism.
  2. Effectively contribute to muscle development - protein is the basic building block for muscles. Sufficient intake contributes to muscle growth and maintenance.  
  3. May help you lose weight - protein helps grow muscle mass, which, compared to fat tissue, requires more energy to maintain, helping you burn more fat in turn. What’s more, protein may help you maintain a calorie deficit when trying to lose weight.  
  4. Contribute to muscle regeneration - protein contained in RTD drinks and shakes helps your body repair muscle tissue damaged in the process of training.
  5. May reduce your cravings for sweets - protein has good satiation factor, meaning it helps you combat the sensation of hunger the most. Additionally, the flavoured RTD drinks can help you chase away the cravings for sweet foods.
  6. Contribute to bone health - protein also benefits the health of your bone structure. RTD protein drinks can therefore benefit not only athletes, but also the elderly as well as other fans of active lifestyle.

When should you consume RTD Protein Shakes?

RTD Protein Shakes can be enjoyed at any time of the day. They come in especially handy on busy days when you simply can’t find the time to eat a proper meal and require a quick and nutritious snack. They are also useful as snacks on the go, as they can be easily packed into your luggage. Naturally, they are ideal for consumption during long hikes and post-workout for boosting your regeneration. 


Who can benefit the most from RTD Protein Shakes?

RTD Protein Shakes are ideal for everybody who: 

  • wants to increase their protein intake
  • needs to have a quick and nutritious snack at hand 
  • wants to boost their muscle growth
  • wants to lose weight and is looking for a tasty food supplement that helps reduce cravings and hunger 

Discover our broad selection of RTD Protein Drinks that will help you with your protein intake while delighting you with their amazing flavours.

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  1. MoiMüv Protein Milkshake - GymBeam
    MoiMüv Protein Milkshake - GymBeam
    98 % (96)
    From €1.95
  2. High Protein Drink - Ehrmann
    High Protein Drink - Ehrmann
    100 % (7)
    From €2.30
  3. Optimum High Protein Shake - Optimum Nutrition
    Optimum High Protein Shake - Optimum Nutrition
    100 % (8)
    From €3.50
  4. Protein Milkshake -  Barebells
    Protein Milkshake - Barebells
    100 % (41)
    From €2.95

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