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PlyoBox Wood Plyometric Box - GymBeam

Manufacturer: GymBeam
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PlyoBox Wood is a practical fitness tool with a wide range of uses, which will be appreciated especially by fitness or CrossFit enthusiasts. In addition to the plyometric  dynamic explosive lower body training  it will also find its use in exercises aimed at developing stability and strength. The plyometric box has 2 practical cut-out handles on the sides for easier carrying, which also serve as additional support when performing exercises. The maximum load capacity of the PlyoBox Wood is 200 kg.

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PlyoBox Wood Plyometric Box - try exercising with a unique fitness tool for the development of stability, strength, and dynamic explosive training 

PlyoBox Wood is a plyometric box and a great fitness tool for any athlete who wants to take exercise and training to the next level. It is made of durable wood, which guarantees stability and safety even during the most demanding training. It is suitable for plyometric training, known as dynamic explosive lower body training, which uses exercises such as jumps or depth jumps. At the same time, it is perfect for exercises aimed at developing stability and strength. You will also love it during CrossFit or HIIT training. On the two sides of the plyometric box, there are practical cut-out handles which will provide support during exercise and make it easy to carry. The PlyoBox is shipped unassembled. The package includes all the necessary components for its assembly. The maximum load capacity of the plyometric box is 200 kg. Instructions for assembling the plyometric box are included in the package.


How to assemble PlyoBox? 

  1. Remove your plyometric box from the cardboard packaging. It should contain 9 wooden pieces (2x small panel with cut-out handles, 2x large wooden panel, 2x medium-sized panel, 3x wooden support panel) and a set of 37 wooden screws.
  2. Start by placing the down the bottom of the plyometric box (use 1 of the 2 large wooden panels in the package). Then use the screws to connect it to the side panel of the box, which you should place on the ground. (Use 1 of medium-sized panels without cut-outhandles).
  3. Fit the next part of the box (use 1 of 2 smaller panels with cut-out handles) into the gaps created by joining the first two parts. Secure this small panel with 2 wooden screws. Attach the small panel to the one you have placed on the ground with one screw. Place the second screw into the middle of the edge of the small wooden panel to ensure that the individual pieces will hold together vertically. You will install the remaining screws when all sides of the box are completed.
  4. To install the second wooden panel with the cut-out handles, repeat step number 3.
  5. Install the second piece of medium-sized panel without the cut-out handles. Use 3 screws for each wooden panel to stabilize it. Tighten the centre screws on each side to secure all panels to the bottom of the plyometric box.
  6. Continue by joining 2 large wooden support panels using the centre cut-out. Then use the wooden screw to install the last smaller support panel in the middle of this wooden support panel.
  7. Place this support panel in the middle of the plyometric box.
  8. Then place the top part on the constructed plyometric box (use the remaining large wooden panel) and fasten it with wooden screws.
  9. Turn the plyometric box and install all the remaining wooden screws to ensure that all the parts fit together.

                 Plyometrická bedňa PlyoBox Wood - GymBeam



Length 40 cm
Width 51 cm
Height 61 cm
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PlyoBox Wood Plyometric Box - GymBeam

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GymBeam, s.r.o. Rastislavova 93, Košice 04001, Slovakia
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1 pc.
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17.00 kg
52.00 cm
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Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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PlyoBox Wood Plyometric Box - GymBeam

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