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Barbell Collar is made to quickly and easily secure weight plates onto barbells, preventing them from sliding off. Its 51 mm diameter makes it ideal for use with an Olympic barbell or any other barbell with a 50 mm diameter. It is made of highly durable plastic, and a single unit weights only 130 g. It is extremely easy to handle. The package contains 2 units of the practical barbell collar.

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Barbell Collars prevent weight plates from sliding off your barbell, making your training more secure

Barbell Collar is a lightweight and highly practical gym accessory, which is made to secure weight disks mounted on a barbell. Its 51 mm diameter makes it ideal for use with an Olympic Barbell as well as with any other barbell with a 50 mm diameter. It is made of durable plastic which will firmly and reliably secure any weight plates on the barbell. A set of two collars combined weigh only 260 g, which means you don't have to worry about possibly adding any excessive extra weight. You will hardly notice they're on. They are extremely easy to handle. Snap the collar off extending it, place it over the barbell just behind the weight disks and snap it on using a lever which fixes it in place. Once you wish to remove the plates, simply switch the lever again and take the collar off.


Thanks to the collar, the mounted weight plates won't slide around the barbell, letting you focus on your training completely. You can use the collars in the gym for weightlifting or doing crossfit. Barbell is ideal for resisted squats, deadlifts, clean-and-jerks, or bench presses. This makes barbell collars an essential piece of equipment in every commercial or home gym or crossfit centre. Each package contains two highly practical barbell collars


Barbell Collar & its advantages

  • package contains 2 pcs
  • quickly secures the discs on the barbell
  • has a diameter of 51 mm
  • ideal for the Olympic barbell
  • suitable for barbells with a diameter of 50 mm
  • each piece weighs only 130 g
  • made of light but durable plastic
  • easy to use      

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