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Other Protein Powders is a product category that contains different types of proteins. These are an essential part of a healthy diet for all people. Every fitness lover who wants to achieve their goals can benefit from their sufficient intake. Protein powders in this category include less common products such as Cricket Protein. All of these protein powders are rich in amino acids and adapted to the different needs of each of us. In this category, anyone who cannot take traditional protein sources, such as the most popular whey, plant or beef protein, will find a suitable choice.

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In addition, proteins contain vitamins, minerals and other beneficial ingredients. They occur in the diet and can be found, for example, in eggs, meat, legumes or cereals. In our body, they function as the main building block for muscles and some cells of the immune system. They help them grow, maintain and also have a positive effect on bone health. You can mix protein powders with water, milk or prepare a tasty drink in the form of hot chocolate.

To learn more about proteins, read our article Protein Powders and How to Choose the Best One. If you are interested in a specific intake, don't miss out on the article When and How Much Protein to Take for Maximum Results.

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  1. Egg Albumin - GymBeam
    Egg Albumin - GymBeam
    80 % (92)
  2. Cricket protein blend - SENS
    Cricket Protein - SENS
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