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Do your eyes light up when you hear a word “sweet”? In that case, this trendy recipe for Japanese fluffy pancakes is guaranteed to please you! Fluffy souffle pancakes not only look beautiful, but they will also win you over with an incredibly fluffy and delicate taste. It doesn’t matter if you prepare them with fresh fruit, whipped cream or curd, be sure that you will like them!

The most fundamental and most popular exercises for toning legs and butt are definitely squats. These are certainly not absent during a “leg day” of any lover of weightlifting. But are you sure you’re doing them properly? Do you know all the types of squats with which you can liven up your workout? What other benefits does this exercise contain? The answers to these and other questions about squats can be found in the following article.

Do you also have a garden full of delicious apricots? Use them to prepare this healthy, and at the same time tasty and fresh apricot pie, which is really easy to prepare! Enjoy the combination of the taste of sweet apricots and the vanilla taste of protein, which will enrich this treat with a good dose of protein. Let’s get to it!