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Multivitamins help to fill the nutritional gaps that are caused by inadequate intake of vitamins from the diet or from stress and physical activity. They serve to maintain body balance and strengthen immunity. One of the advantages of multivitamins is that they contain the exact required and recommended daily dose of multiple vitamins and minerals simultaneously.

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Multivitamins are mostly intended for both men and women, but there are also multivitamins adapted to the nutritional needs of the male or female body. This division is due to the fact that men and women have different metabolism, their body does not process the received substances equally and the fact that women need different amounts of vitamins than men is also important. Therefore, we distinguish vitamins for women and vitamins for men. 

Vitamins for Women

Women's vitamins complement the necessary levels of vitamins and minerals in women. They contain all the necessary doses of vitamin complexes, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body, maintaining or improving the physical appearance, accelerating fat burning, while strengthening immunity. Because these vitamin complexes are designed specifically for women and adapted to their needs, they most often contain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B9, vitamin C, E, beta- carotene, vitamin D, K, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, iodine and omega fatty acids. When choosing the right vitamins for women, it is also important to consider the life stage of the woman. A woman in the menopause needs to supplement other vitamins than a pregnant woman who is advised to take the above-mentioned vitamins and minerals but should not forget about vitamin B6 and B12.


Vitamins for Men

Vitamin complexes are also created for men to supplement nutritional gaps and maintain the stability of the body. Men often neglect the intake of vitamins and minerals, making them easier to succumb to civilization diseases. For men, different amounts of vitamins and minerals are appropriate than for women, and many times they are focused on enhancing male fertility or growth of muscle mass. Vitamins for men most often contain ingredients such as B-complex, vitamin A, vitamin C, E, D, magnesium, chromium, biotin, choline, pantothenic acid, omega-3 fatty acids.

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                1. Multivitamin Vitality complex - GymBeam
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                2. Vitality Complex Drink - GymBeam
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                4. Multivitamin Yummies - GymBeam
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                5. Opti Men - Optimum Nutrition
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                6. Animal Pak 44 packs - Universal Nutrition
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                7. Daily Formula 100 tab - Universal Nutrition
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                8. Multivitamin ADEK - OstroVit
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                  Special Price   €6.99
                9. Vit&Min FORTE 90 tabs - OstroVit
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                10. Multivitamin Daily Vits - NOW Foods
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                11. Lucky Feeling 60 caps - Goldfield
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                12. Animal Pak Powder - Universal Nutrition
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                13. Multivitamin Opti Women - Optimum Nutrition
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                14. Multivitamin 100% - GymBeam
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