Beef Protein

Beef Protein is a popular choice of protein for people who have trouble digesting lactose. However, the main feature of this type of protein supplement is that it contains collagen, a type of protein with a very specific amino acid spectrum. Compared to whey protein, it is not exactly ideal for strength athletes, or people seeking to boost their muscle growth. The strength of beef protein lies with its ability to boost the good health of articulations, hair, nails and skin. It is commonly related to potential slowing down of skin ageing, and to increase in skin flexibility and decrease in occurrence of wrinkles. This makes beef protein an ideal choice for all women seeking to maintain their natural beauty. In addition, it can also serve as a supplement for supporting the proper function of joints, cartilage and the entire musculoskeletal system.

Who can benefit the most from using beef protein? 

  • Both men and women looking to maintain the youthful appearance of their skin, and to reduce the occurrence of wrinkles.
  • Anyone experiencing troubles with their articulations or their overall musculoskeletal system. 
  • Anyone looking for an alternative source of protein. 
  • People with lactose intolerance and those who have a problem digesting cow's milk protein.

What is the recommended serving amount of beef protein?

When it comes to protein, it is usually recommended to serve about 0.25 - 0.3 g per kg of body weight. If you can’t be bothered with calculating, you won’t go wrong with a serving of about 20 - 40 g of the product. This corresponds to a roughly topped 30 g measuring scoop.

How to take beef protein?

  • The typical way of using protein supplements is to mix the product with water or milk, creating a delicious shake that can be consumed anytime throughout your day.
  • However, they also taste great in a variety of porridge bowls and oatmeals that will benefit  from the added protein. 
  • The supplement can be added to a baking dough to create protein rich desserts. 
  • The variations with no added flavours are perfect for preparing savoury dishes, such as protein-enriched pizzas.
  • A protein supplement can be added to a smoothie or a cup of coffee, enriching your beverages with the much-needed protein. 

Would you like to learn more about protein supplements and how to choose properly from the wide selection available? If so, don’t miss out on our article How to Choose the Right Protein for Weight Loss or Muscle Growth.

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