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Beef protein

Beef protein

Beef protein is made from high quality beef by hydrolysis, after which excess cholesterol, fat and carbohydrates are filtered off. The great advantage is the fact that it contains creatine, which has the ability to stimulate IGF-1 production, which is a growth hormone with anabolic effects. Beef protein helps to increase strength and performance, is high in arginine, increases blood flow and retention, and also contributes to the creation and recovery of collagen. Other advantages include the fact that it also contains vitamin B6, B12, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. It is suitable for people with lactose intolerance or soy allergy. It is best to take it shortly before or after your workout, or right in the morning. 

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Beef protein and its benefits

  • is high in protein content
  • has a low fat, carbohydrate and cholesterol content
  • contains vitamins, minerals and creatine
  • has very rapid absorption
  • promotes the formation of IGF-1 = growth hormone with anabolic effects
  • helps to increase strength and performance
  • contributes to the formation and restoration of collagen
  • suitable for people with lactose intolerance and soy allergy
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