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Alpha Male Pack is a combination of products that will be especially appreciated by active athletes. This pack at a discounted price includes Just Whey Protein, AlphaMale TestoBooster, Men's Essentials Multivitamin and the practical pill organizer PillBox 5.

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Alpha Male Pack – a carefully selected combination of products for active men

Alpha Male Pack contains a set of products at a discounted price, which are sure to be appreciated by every active man. The Just Whey Protein powder is here to take care of your protein intake at any time of the day and enrich your favourite sweet desserts with high-quality protein. It will turn your ordinary oat porridge into a complex meal and enrich it with great taste. Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, which makes protein powders great for all enthusiastic athletes.


This pack also contains the AlphaMale TestoBooster, which consists of a blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs. For example, it contains zinc, which supports normal testosterone levels in the blood.


This is also something that the Men's Essentials Multivitamin can help with, as it is specifically designed to fit the needs of every man. It is an effective way to support your everyday health and vitality for an active lifestyle with plenty of energy. Overall, it contains 27 carefully selected ingredients, which play an important role in the body of every alpha male.


The last piece in the pack is the practical capsule and tablet organizer PillBox 5. It features 5 separate compartments in which you can easily store your supplements. This allows you to have your supplements always at hand while having a better overview of whether you have already taken your daily serving at the same time.


If you know of a man who works on his body and takes care of his health, you will definitely put a smile on his face with this pack.


Alpha Male Pack & its benefits

  • a combination of products for active men at a discounted price
  • Just Whey Protein powder contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • contains an herbal blend for taking care of testosterone levels
  • features the Men's Essentials Multivitamin designed to suit the needs of every man 
  • includes the practical Pillbox 5 to store your capsules and tablets


Alpha Male Pack contains

  1. Just Whey Protein - GymBeam - 1000 g in chocolate milkshake flavour
  2. AlphaMale TestoBooster - GymBeam - 120 capsules in a premium gift pack
  3. Men's Essentials Multivitamin - GymBeam - 120 tablets for 60 days of use
  4. PillBox 5 - GymBeam - a practical case for capsules and tablets with 5 separate compartments.
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