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Workout Timer is a practical tool for measuring your exercise time. It comes with a range of preset functions such as stopwatch, countdown, HIIT or tabata. It also provides the option to set your own workout and rest intervals. Thanks to the built-in magnet, you can easily attach it to any metal structure. Ideal for working out at home, outdoors, or in the gym. 

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Workout Timer -a practical tool for measuring your time when exercising at home, outdoors or at the gym

Workout Timer is a tool for measuring time that will come in handy at every athlete’s training session. Aside from the regular clock format, it offers a variety of preset functions, such as stopwatch, countdown timer, HIIT, tabata or EMOM regime. Naturally, it also allows you to set your own custom intervals. With this device you will always know exactly how much time you have left before your well-deserved rest. 


The timer is easily adjusted using a remote control, or with the buttons placed on the device itself. It comes with a built-in magnet that will allow you to attach it to any metal bar or surface. This means you can easily and comfortably place it onto any workout rack or station in your local gym. Of course, it can always just be placed onto a shelf or the floor. While working out, you will certainly appreciate its large and easy to read LED display with clearly visible digits and a sound signalling feature. 


Workout Timer is charged using the standard USB-C cable that is included in the product packaging. It comes in a practical, compact size and boasts a low weight, which means it is easy to carry. Simply put it into the included canvas bag and take it with you wherever you go – whether it is your local gym, a workout playground, or running track. In addition, you can use it for your home workouts and team sport.


Workout Timer - GymBeam


Workout Timer & its benefits

  • practical tool for measuring your exercise time intervals
  • comes with preset training regimes such as HIIT, EMOM or tabata
  • allows you to set your own intervals for exercise and rest
  • can be attached to any metal structure using a built-in magnet
  • remote controlled
  • easy to read LED display and sound signalling feature
  • charges with a standard USB-C cable
  • easy to carry
  • ideal for working out at home, outdoors or in the gym 


Technical details of the Workout Timer

Weight 153.7 g
Size 156*52*24 mm
Digit display size 2.54 cm (1 inch)
Battery capacity 1800mAh
Charging time 3 hours
Battery life 6–8 hours


LED display format

Mode Display format Minimum unit of measurement
Time hours and minutes hours and minutes
Count down minutes and seconds  
Stopwatch seconds and milliseconds hundreds of seconds
Fitness clock minutes and seconds seconds


Package includes

Package includes  
Workout timer
Charging cable
Remote control
User manual
Product detail
Product Options Grid
Product Question