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BIO Psyllium is a soluble fibre that is important for proper digestion. It is obtained from a plant called blond plantain and is especially popular among people who have digestion problems or want to promote weight loss. Fibre has an important function in the body. It acts as food for healthy bacteria (prebiotics), which are essential for the proper functioning of the intestines.

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BIO Psyllium - soluble fibre important for the proper functioning of the intestines and digestive system

BIO Psyllium is a gluten-free soluble fibre obtained from the peels of blond plantain (Plantago ovata) in BIO quality. In our intestines, soluble fibre serves as a prebiotic, or food to support growth of healthy bacteria living in our digestive tract. You may also know these microorganisms as probiotics.


After eating or drinking, psyllium passes through the entire digestive tract. After mixing with the liquid, it forms a gel that can increase its volume several times. This slows down the emptying of the stomach, which is great, especially for people who are trying to lose weight and look for highly saturated foods. In addition, the gel binds harmful substances to itself, which helps to get away from the body by excretion. Moreover, psyllium is not the only source of soluble fibre. You can also find it in fruits, vegetables, legumes, or nuts.


Since fibre is important for proper digestion, it should be a regular part of each person's healthy diet. Psyllium is a great way to consume the amount of fibre you need. Its use is very easy. You can simply mix it with water or another liquid and drink it. It can also be added into your yogurt, smoothies, porridge, or any other of your favourite dishes, which you will enrich with fibre.


BIO Psyllium & its benefits

  • natural soluble fibre in BIO quality
  • does not contain any gluten
  • can increase its volume several times
  • binds harmful substances to itself
  • delays gastric emptying
  • serves as food for healthy intestinal bacteria
  • helps meet optimal daily fibre intake
  • suitable for weight loss
  • you can mix it with food or drinks
  • suitable for vegans



BIO Psyllium powder


Recommended use

Add 2 teaspoons (5 g) to your favourite drink, smoothie, or yogurt.


Nutrition facts

Nutritional values 100 g 5 g
Energy value 803 kJ / 192 kcal 40.2 kJ/ 9.6 kcal
Fats 0.55 g 0.03 g
-saturated fats 0.07 g 0.00 g
Carbohydrates 1.7 g 0.009 g
- sugars 0.2 g 0.01 g
Fibre 85.2 g 4.26 g
Protein 2.38 g 0.12 g
Salt 0.00 g 0.00 g



Store in a dry and cool place. Protect from direct sunlight.

Product detail
EAN 8588007570136
Form powdered
Plastic-free packaging yes
No artificial sweeteners yes
GMO free Yes
BIO yes
Gluten-free yes
Lactose free yes
Vegetarian yes
Vegan yes
Blend pure
Legal category of the product foodstuffs
HS code 21069098: --- Ostatné
Product Labels BIO, Vegan
Made in EU
Height 27.00 cm
Width 3.00 cm
Length 15.00 cm
Brutto weight 0.32 kg
Number of pieces per package 20 pc.
Number of pieces per pallet 600 pc.
Netto weight 0.30 kg
Distributor GymBeam, s.r.o. Rastislavova 93, Košice 04001, Slovakia
Main category Superfoods
Other categories Weight Loss Supplements
Gluten-free products
Lactose-free products
Vegan products
Vegetarian products
BIO products


Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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