Breakfast is the foundation of the day, and it’s no wonder you would like to indulge in something that pleases your taste buds, fills you up, and provides energy for either a workout or a new workday. Balanced breakfasts should include all macronutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. This can be easily achieved with both sweet and savoury breakfast options, even if you’re a vegan or following a gluten-free or lactose-free diet.

How to prepare healthy sweet breakfasts?

When it comes to sweet and healthy breakfasts, many people think of oat porridge in countless variations. However, having the same meal repeatedly can be quite dull. So, what else can you have for breakfast? Try baking or cooking something delicious using a different grain. Ideal breakfast options also include homemade granola or a fluffy banana bread.

Pancakes or crepes can serve as great alternatives as well, which can then be topped with jam or nut butter. Adding protein powder to the batter also ensures you meet your protein intake requirements. You don’t have to avoid desserts in the morning either if you know how to prepare them appropriately. How about trying a protein-packed cheesecake, pies with quark cream, or chia pudding? If you’re short on time, a smoothie can be an excellent choice too. Starting the day with something sweet is always a good idea.

How to prepare healthy savoury breakfasts?

For savoury breakfasts, eggs are the go-to ingredient, as they can be prepared in countless ways. Let’s get a bit more creative and swap scrambled eggs or fried eggs for something more inventive. A fantastic choice could be a spinach omelet, captivating with its beautiful green colour and delicious taste. You can also prepare eggs in a unique way, in the form of muffins, which are fluffy, moist, and literally melt in your mouth. When you then combine them with tuna, you’ll easily create a protein-packed breakfast.

And if you enjoy both eggs and porridge, you can make a savoury version adorned with a poached egg. That said, if you’re a vegan, and egg-based breakfasts are not your thing, we have a recipe for vegan scrambled “eggs” made with tofu. You can also indulge in various spreads.

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