Soups can be served before the main course or as a standalone, comprehensive lunch or dinner. In such cases, it’s necessary to increase the portion size and adjust the composition to include all macronutrients.

What ingredients to use for soup?

Undoubtedly, the king of all soups is broth. It can stand on its own or serve as a base for other soups or sauces. Moreover, it can be prepared from virtually any cuts of meat or vegetables. If you enjoy Asian cuisine, you’ll likely appreciate a hearty ramen. Additionally, you also can’t go wrong if you decide to make a vegetable soup either. How about trying a pumpkin or tomato soup, or mixing several types of vegetables at once? If you then blend the finished soup and add some cream, you’ll get a perfect vegetable creamy soup.

Soups whose base consists of legumes, such as lentils, beans, peas, or chickpeas are also a superb choice. They are rich in protein and fibre, making them very filling. If you also complement them with bread or eggs, they can make for a great main course or dinner. And if you’re not afraid to experiment, try a cold tomato soup like gazpacho.

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Fitness Recipe: Carrot and Celery Soup

Vegetables are an essential part of any diet, but eating salads or raw vegetables all the time can become a bit monotonous. That’s why we highly recommend this delicious soup, which not only warms you up, but also tastes great.

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