Fitness recept: Veganská míchaná “vajíčka” z tofu

Fitness Recipe: Vegan Tofu Scramble

It is not impossible for vegans to enjoy scrambled eggs. All you have to do is get some tofu. To prepare tofu scramble is super simple. So you can do it in the morning without any problems. As a reward you will get a tasty breakfast, suitable for low-carb diet. And if that’s not your case, feel free to enjoy this breakfast recipe with fresh crispy bread.


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Prepare a pan and add oil spray, and heat it. Then add a finely chopped onion and fry it. In the meantime, let’s prepare tofu. Crush it into small pieces with your hands and add it to the onion in a pan.

Vegan Tofu Scramble - directions

Fry it together, and then gradually add all the spices except black salt, namely turmeric, black pepper, and paprika. Finally, add the soy cream and mix well until everything combines. Once you’re done, it is time to serve. Sprinkle the scrambled tofu with black salt to add an egg flavour. You can garnish your scramble with parsley leaves, coriander, or any other herbs.

Our tip: Tofu scramble tastes excellent with our stevia-sweetened ketchup sweetened.

Vegan Scrambled "eggs" Made of Tofu

Nutritional values

1 serving

Protein26 g
Cabrohydrates6 g
Fats20 g

What you add to the tofu scramble is up to you. We can definitely recommend fresh crispy bread. We give this combination 10/10.

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