Crepes are a nostalgic treat that can transport us back to childhood. Everyone adores their delicate texture and subtly sweet flavour, which can be enhanced with ingredients from around the globe. Plus, they are a dish that anyone can master—just mix flour, milk, and eggs.   Whether served sweet or savoury, crepes make for a delightful dessert, a full-fledged breakfast, or a nutritious snack.

How to make delicious sweet crepes?

Timeless favourites include classic crepes with jam, quark, or Nutella. However, expanding your horizons can be a delight for your taste buds. Try adding fresh or freeze-dried fruit, nut butter, or some sweet spreads. You can also elevate your crepes to perfection by drizzling them with sweet sauces like chicory or maple syrup.

For those who enjoy culinary experimentation, consider exploring protein crepes or venture into unique creations like pink crepes with cottage cheese and beetroot powder. Crepe cakes or baked crepes with quark cream offer a creative twist to traditional recipes.

All the fans of healthy cooking and baking can also try substituting the traditional white wheat flour with its whole grain alternatives. Spelt crepes with fruit and peanut butter not only deliver exceptional taste, but also boast a rich content of fibre and vitamins.

What goes well with savoury crepes?

Savoury crepes are truly a canvas for a myriad of ingredients. They pair seamlessly with meat, ham, cheese, fish, or plant-based alternatives such as tempeh or tofu. To add a creamier texture to your recipes, don’t forget to spread them with quark, fresh cheese, or various plant-based spreads. For example, delicate ricotta with smoked salmon takes the centre stage in these spinach crepes. Regardless of your chosen combination, be sure to complement your savoury crepes with a side of fresh vegetables or a vibrant salad.

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