Christmas Recipes

Christmas recipes are here for all those who are looking to whip up something delightful during this enchanting season. Various sweet balls, which are typically easy to prepare, will present themselves perfectly on trays throughout the holiday festivities. Often, there’s also no need for baking, which simplifies the entire process. These recipes are therefore sure to be appreciated by all the fans of raw desserts. Moreover, fantastic choices include various types of Christmas cookies, such as those flavoured with banana, coconut, or almond. And you also can’t go wrong if you decide to indulge in delicious porridge imbued with the taste and aroma of Christmas.

In addition to sweet treats during the Christmas holidays, typical drinks such as eggnog or punch are essential. To ensure you feel refreshed after indulging in them, we’ve crafted their non-alcoholic versions, suitable for savouring at any time during the day.

How to prepare healthy Christmas treats?

There is no need for the foundation of Christmas treats to be laden with excess sugar and fat. We strive to prepare lighter versions with a well-balanced blend of macronutrients. Hence, we frequently incorporate whole-grain flour, protein powders for an added protein boost, and various sweeteners in the bases to reduce sugar and calorie content. To infuse the desserts with that authentic Christmas essence, we absolutely love incorporating nuts or nut butters. Such treats often align well with a low-carb diet. And, of course, we can’t forget about cinnamon and other spices that will conjure up the genuine Christmas ambiance right in your home.

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