Lactose-free recipes are intended for all the people who, for any reason, avoid milk and dairy products. This could be due to lactose intolerance, a cow’s milk protein allergy, or simply personal beliefs and ethical reasons. Whatever your motivation may be, we have prepared a variety of products and recipes that allow you to prepare delicious breakfasts, snacks, main courses, and desserts.

There are several options available for replacing milk and dairy products in recipes. Plant-based alternatives are the most common substitutes to these products. Instead of cow’s milk, alternatives such as oat, rice, coconut, soy, or cashew milk are often used. These varieties differ in both taste and nutritional values, which means that everyone can choose the one that will suit them most.

For main courses, you can select from various meals with fish, meat, or their plant-based alternatives. Italian cuisine favourites, such as lasagna and spaghetti, and other types of pasta are included as well. Many of our main course recipes also have an Asian or Mexican flair to them. This leaves the choice for what to cook today entirely in your hands.

What’s more, there are also plenty of lactose-free recipes for various desserts, which can also be vegan or low-carb. These make for excellent coffee desserts, or can be enjoyed as part of an afternoon snack. Additionally, you can also prepare a lactose-free breakfast by using plant-based milk and products or vegan protein powders. In many cases, this is all you need to prepare a suitable breakfast.

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Fitness Recipe: Huli-Huli Chicken

Chicken breast getting a little boring? You haven’t tried this deliciousness with a hint of exotic. The mouth-watering combination of the sweet marinade and slightly spicy spring onions creates a perfect interplay of flavours.

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Fitness Recipe: Carrot and Celery Soup

Vegetables are an essential part of any diet, but eating salads or raw vegetables all the time can become a bit monotonous. That’s why we highly recommend this delicious soup, which not only warms you up, but also tastes great.

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