Drinks featured in our recipes are far from ordinary beverages aimed solely at meeting your hydration needs. We incorporate a variety of nutrition-rich ingredients to craft exceptional cocktails, smoothies, protein shakes, creamy coffees, and Christmas drinks like eggnog or punch. Select delightful drinks, such as smoothies, work wonderfully as a convenient snack or breakfast when you’re on the go and in need of a quick and nutritious option. Thanks to the ability to use various ingredients, you can prepare numerous recipes catering to gluten-free, lactose-free, or vegan preferences.

How to prepare a healthy drink?

When the term healthy drink is mentioned, many immediately think of a smoothie. Its major advantage lies in the fact that you can tailor it precisely to your preferences. Typically, the base consists of a liquid – whether it’s water, milk, its plant-based alternative, or juice. Next, incorporate fruits or vegetables to establish the flavour foundation, add colour, and infuse the smoothie with a wealth of nutrients. Don’t overlook the importance of proteins for a more filling drink. Dairy products like quark or protein powders (which can be vegan) are ideal for this purpose. Lastly, introduce a source of healthy fats, such as various seeds, nuts, or nut butters to complete the smoothie. Blend everything together to achieve a perfectly creamy consistency, and your smoothie is ready to be enjoyed at any time of the day. If you’re curious about crafting the perfect smoothie step by step, refer to the article “How to Make a Healthy and Nutritious Smoothie – Step by Step” for guidance.

Additionally, delectable beverages, like hot chocolate or the popular autumn pumpkin spice latte, can be prepared in a similar fashion. And if you’re planning a summer party, be sure to experiment with some fantastic non-alcoholic drinks.

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Fitness recipe: Vegan cup with homemade cashew yogurt

Start your day right! For instance, with a quick and simple breakfast served as a vegan cup, which contains cashew yogurt full of live cultures and a dose of fiber and oatmeal protein. In addition to a tasty experience, you will also support your body’s defense system. What are we waiting for? Let’s do it!

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