Fitness recept: Špaldové palačinky s ovocem a arašídovým máslem

Fitness Recipe: Spelt Pancakes with Fruit and Peanut Butter

What must be included in a proper breakfast? For us, besides porridge, it’s definitely pancakes. These spelt ones are also high in protein. They are simple to prepare and have a great taste. Would you like them with peanut butter, jam or fruit?

Ingredients for the batter:

Ingredients for the filling and garnishing:

Spelt pancakes with fruit and peanut butter - ingredients

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Mix the spelt flour with the protein in a bowl, add milk and egg and knead into a smooth dough (you can use a hand beater). Then prepare a pan and spray it with coconut oil spray. Pour a thin layer of batter onto the hot pan and fry the pancakes one by one on both sides until golden brown. Garnish with peanut butter, crushed lyophilized strawberries, maple syrup or banana, depending on your taste.

Our tip: If you want to save calories, you can use ZERO SYRUPS for garnishing, such as ZERO SYRUP for pancakes.

Spelt pancakes with fruit and peanut butter

Nutritional values

1 serving without filling and garnish (2 servings in total)

Energy value330 kcal
Protein26 g
Carbohydrates37 g
Fats7 g
Fibre7.5 g

What must not be missing on your pancakes – is it cottage cheese and fruit, marmalade or a hefty load of nut butter?

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