farmer cheese

Quark is a dairy product that is well known for being a great source of high quality protein. In terms of consistency, it comes in distinct varieties – soft quark that is easy to spread, or a variant with small lumps. Additionally, you can take the best advantage of the wide variety available and pick according to your dietary goals. For example, if you intend to lose or maintain your current weight, the regular use of a low-fat or semi-fat version will be the best choice. Alternatively, if you are trying to put some weight on, particularly in the form of muscle mass, you are likely on a lookout for more calorie dense foods, which is where the full-fat variant comes in. Full fat quark cheese in particular is perfect for preparing desserts with an incredibly rich flavour.

Quark cheese is widely considered a great source of protein especially when taken in before the nighttime fasting. However, this is far from its only use. An experienced cook knows that having good quark cheese in your arsenal is important, especially when it comes to baking. It is perfect for preparing smooth and creamy pastry fillings, and can even smoothen up the consistency of the pastries themselves when added to the dough. This means that even a dessert can end up being a nutritionally balanced meal that will have its rightful place in a healthy diet. Last but not least, adding quark cheese to smoothies will enrich them with a dose of protein that will also contribute to satisfying your stomach.

What about its uses in savoury cooking? Certainly a go. Quark cheese has a relatively neutral flavour, which means it makes for a great ingredient for a variety of spreads and dips. It is also commonly used in the dough for baking savoury pastries and pizza. So why even try to resist that?

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