Ricotta is a delicate Italian cheese made from whey. It resembles quark, but unlike it, it boasts a sweeter and more delightful taste. Additionally, ricotta also stands out for its significant protein content and relatively low fat content. This makes it a versatile food that fits well into both sweet and savoury recipes.

Ricotta in sweet recipes

Ricotta works wherever you would typically use creamy quark. Thanks to its unique taste, it will provide your recipes with a softer and sweeter touch. Paired with fruits, it stands out, for example, on crepes or pancakes. Moreover, the fans of sweet treats will also appreciate it as a filling for fruit dumplings. Due to its smooth consistency, it’s suitable for making ice cream or adding a creamy texture to fruit smoothies.

What to bake with ricotta?

Ricotta has versatile uses in baking. You can use it to create delicious creams and fillings for your favourite desserts. Try using it as a filling for cakes, rolls, muffins, or as a cream to cover a light cake or Bundt cake. That said, if you prefer treats without cream, you can easily add it to the dough and prepare fluffy pancakes, cupcakes, or even this delicious chocolate cake.

Ricotta in savoury recipes

Ricotta has a wide range of uses in savoury recipes too. It’s suitable for preparing delicate pasta sauces, gnocchi, or even lasagna. You can use it instead of cream to soften sauces for meat, creamy soups, or even risotto and other main courses. Also, if you’re interested in less traditional recipes, it works great as a filling for savoury crepes, quiche, or savoury pies. You’ll also appreciate in the preparation of various spreads or dips, for example, with fries or roasted vegetables.

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