Fitness Recipe: Austrian Torn Pancake with Raspberries

Fitness Recipe: Austrian Torn Pancake with Raspberries

Everyone has probably tried countless pancakes and crêpes. And the only way they would ever turn into a torn pancake is if something went wrong. Let’s try to prepare it on purpose this time! When served, it looks much more interesting than a pancake and tastes great too. Thanks to the fact that we prepared it using a mug cake mix, the recipe is extremely simple.


Austrian Torn Pancake with Raspberries - Ingredients

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Add the Mug Cake powder, egg and milk in a bowl or any other container and mix until smooth.

Austrian Torn Pancake with Raspberries - Process

Then heat up the ghee in a large pan, pour in the batter, cover the pan and bake over a low heat until golden brown. As soon as the pancake is golden on the bottom, divide it into quarters and then fry from the other side for about 2 minutes. Then, directly in the pan, divide the pancake into smaller pieces with a spatula and it’s done. After that, just transfer it to a plate, garnish with Jammy Spread, and lyophilized raspberries and it’s ready to be served.

Our tip: You can make the torn pancake even better with some nut butter, Zero Syrup or chocolate drops.

Austrian Torn Cake with Raspberries
Nutritional Values
1 whole serving
Energy value563 kcal
Protein50 g
Carbohydrates50 g
Fats17 g
Fibre5 g

If you enjoyed this torn pancake, you can also make it from the chocolate mug cake mix. Trying new combinations is really easy.

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